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Saskatoon Spot: Story on Homestead

  • VT S-534
  • Item
  • 2005

Copy of a television feature entitled Saskatoon Spot: Story on Homestead: Parts 1 and 2," by reporter Jackie Kripki of Shaw TV. The feature aired on October 31 and November 7, 2005. The spots relate to homesteading in Saskatchewan and the Saskatchewan homestead records, currently in the custody of the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. The spots include brief interviews with D'Arcy Hande of the Saskatchewan Archives Board and archival photographs.

Childhood Lost: The Residential School Experience

  • VT S-529
  • Item
  • 2001

Video production entitled Childhood Lost: The Residential School Experience, produced by Doug Cuthand of Blue Hill Productions, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The video tells the stories of four individuals who were sent to residential schools as young children.

The four individuals interviewed are as follows: Wally Simaganis, who was sent to residential school in the 1930s; Bernice Simaganis, who attended residential school in the 1940s; Ted Quewezance, who attended residential school in the 1960s; and Deanna Ledoux, who attended residential school in the 1980s.


  • VT S-528
  • Item
  • 2002

Informational video about the Métis Employment and Training Inc. (METSI) program, responsible for providing education and training programs for Métis people. Video was produced by Cinepost Films.

Germans From Russia on the Canadian Prairies Then and Now

  • VT S-526
  • Item
  • 2002

Documentary entitled Germans From Russia on the Canadian Prairies Then and Now produced by Linda Elder, Homeland Productions of Calgary, Alberta. The documentary was a volunteer project with profits going to the Germans from Russia heritage and historical societies.

Quilt of History

  • VT S-525
  • Item
  • 2002

Quilt of History, a segment shown on March 8, 2002 on the Shaw TV program called Heart of the Community. In this segment, producer Rosine Garabedian interviews May Guy of St. John's (Anglican) Cathedral on location at St. John's Cathedral and at Saskatchewan Archives, about a quilt that was donated back to the church by the family of former dean, Leslie Armitage. The "signature" quilt was made by the Girl's Auxiliary of St. John's Cathedral as a fundraiser in 1935-1936, and contained the names of the parishioners sewn into the petals of the quilt's flower pattern. The quilt was then presented as a gift to Dean Leslie Armitage and his wife upon their retirement. May Guy did research into the quilt's history at Saskatchwan Archives, in preparation for a dedication for the quilt that was held at St. John's Cathedral on March 10, 2002.

Gabriel Dumont Institute video series

  • VT S-519 to VT S-524
  • Documento
  • 2001-2002

Video series produced by the Gabriel Dumont Institute in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Each video is 50 minutes in duration.

VT S-519: Video entitled John Arcand and His Métis Fiddle, featuring the life and music of John Arcand, one of Canada's most accomplished Métis fiddle players. Includes interviews with Calvin Vollrath, Gilbert Anderson, Ray Isbister, Trent Bruner and Emma Arcand. Narrated and produced by Leah Dorion-Paquin. 2001.

VT S-520: video entitled Richard Lafferty: The Muskeg Fiddler, featuring the life and music of Richard Lafferty, an accomplished Métis fiddle player in the Northwest Territories. Narrated and produced by Leah Dorion-Paquin. 2002.

VT S-521: Video entitled Our Shared Inheritance: A Tradition of Métis Beadwork, featuring the beadwork styles and techniques of Métis women, including Isabelle Impey, in Cumberland House, Saskatchewan. Narrated by Cheryl Troupe and produced by Cheryl Troupe and Leah Dorion-Paquin. 2002.

VT S-522: video entitled The Story of the Crescent Lake Métis: our life on the road allowance, relating to the Crescent Lake road allowance community from the perspective of elders and former residents. Narrated and produced by Leah Dorion-Paquin. 2002.

VT S-523: video entitled Kitaskinaw i pi kiskinohamakoya (the land gives us our knowledge), relating to the Métis community of Ile a la Crosse and the Michif language. Narrated by Cheryl Troupe and Wayne Morin. 2002.

VT S-524: video entitled Li Michif, relating to the Michif language and culture and traditional Métis culture and life. The video was produced by the Gabriel Dumont Institute in conjunction with Right Tracks Studio and the Michif Language Speakers Association. 2000.

Heroes, Rogues and Adventurers

  • VT S-518
  • Item
  • 2000

Video entitled Heroes, Rogues and Adventurers, produced for Saskatchewan Communications Network (SCN) by Cinépost Films. The video is based on a photograph exhibition at the Saskatoon Public Library in Saskatoon featuring unconventional men and women as follows: Charles (Charlie) Augustus Parmer; David Currie; Edward Ahenakew; Dr. Elizabeth Matheson; Emma Woikon; Tom McEwen and Jean McEwen; Norman Falkner; Morris "Two Gun" Cohen; Nellie Carson; and Rose Golden. The video inclues archival photographs from the collection of the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan. All spots were produced by Bruce Steele.

Clemenceau...Good Times...Hard Times

  • VT S-512
  • Item
  • 2000

A moving image relating to the hamlet of Clemenceau, Saskatchewan entitled Clemenceau...Good Times...Hard Times...., prepared by Ron Hayter and produced by Ron Hayter Productions. The moving image traces the history of the settlement from its beginning in 1929 as a railway siding up to the year 2000. Research and interviews were conducted by Roy Hayter from 1996 to 2000.

Community Newspapers: We're at the heart of things

  • VT S-510
  • Item
  • 2000 or before

Production entitled Community Newspapers: We're at the heart of things, issued by Saskatchewan Weekly Newspapers Association (SWNA).

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