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Photographic Services Saskatoon With digital objects
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Saskatoon - Training School

01 - Motor mechanic students at the Saskatoon Vocational Training School, pressure testing a car motor.

02 - Two motor mechanic students working on an automatic transmission.

03 - Motor mechanic students working with machine known as "Drum Doktor" that is used for turning car brake drums.

04 - Electrical students checking voltmeters.

05 - Instructor lecturing on basic wiring technique to a classroom of electrical students.

06 to 08 - Barber students cutting hair of volunteers at the Saskatoon Vocational Training School barbershop.

09 to 011 - Beautician students giving shampoo and styling hair on willing volunteers. Volunteers sit under hair dryers awaiting the outcome of the beautician students' work.

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[Saskatoon - Fisheries Branch Laboratory]

01 - Mr Jim Neil weighs some "dredging" in the Fisheries Laboratory in Saskatoon.

02 - Mr. Ron Johnson manipulates fish scales and plastic sheets through rollers to obtain impressions. These impressions on plastic can later be projected for study. Fisheries Lab, Saskatoon.

03 - Mr. Jim Millington pointing out annular rings on projected fish scale.

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