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Surveying the G.T.P. in the Saskatoon area

Items are images relating to a Grand Trunk Pacific Railway (GTP) survey crew and their activities primarily in the area around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

Images show: (1) group photograph of survey crew in the Saskatoon area; (2) surveyors on foot and a wagon fording/crossing Eyehill Creek (approximately 230 km west of Saskatoon); (3) surveyors in a low wagon pulled by a team of horses on the prairie; (4) survey party camped at Beaver Creek (18 km south of Saskatoon); (5) J. Armstrong on the bank on the South Saskatchewan River near Saskatoon; and (7) surveyors wading in water in the Saskatoon area.

Indian camp in bush

Items are images of an Indian camp in bush with tents, teepees, wagons, etc, from the winter and late fall.

View of camp in winter

Item is a view of a camp showing two large tents and a few wagons, taken during the winter of the early 1900s.

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