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Frontier and pioneer life
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"My dear wife and sweetheart": Letters from John Henry Duckett to his wife Florence from Saskatchewan during 1904-1905

  • PI-906
  • Unidad documental compuesta
  • 2014

Publication entitled "My dear wife and sweetheart": Letters from John Henry Duckett to his wife Florence from Saskatchewan during 1904-1905, edited by Floredeth Rede Widstrand and published by Digamma Books, Ottawa, Ontario. The publication includes genealogical information on the family and copies of letters written while Duckett, a lace designer born in 1870 in England, was preparing the family's homestead at Little Eagle Creek, near Saskatoon.

Includes copies of Duckett's original letters from 1904 and 1905, along with various notes regarding their transcription.

Saskatchewan History magazine collection

  • PI-81
  • Colección
  • 1948-2014

Collection consists of issues for the journal Saskatchewan History that was published by the Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan from 1948-2017. The magazine presented a colourful and provocative source of information and narration about Saskatchewan’s unique heritage. Issues included articles on the fur trade era, pioneer life, ethnic groups and immigration, the history of medicine and medical care, business and trade unionism, religion, women’s history, First Nations and Métis history, sports history, and many other facets of Saskatchewan’s past. The magazine regularly promoted, through photo essays, scholarly articles and general interest stories, features about the Provincial Archives’ diverse Permanent Collection and heritage and archives news from around the province.

Found in the archives : Saskatoon's first relief measure

Item component is a slightly edited transcription of a story by Barbara E. Anderson (née Hunter) that she submitted in 1932 to Campbell Innes, who at the time was broadcasting stories related to the history of Saskatchewan.

The story describes the trip that Anderson's father, William Adam Hunter, took in March 1884 from their homestead in the Saskatoon area to Duck Lake in order to obtain enough flour to support his family and other Saskatoon settlers.

Article is supplemented by a black and white photograph showing the Stobart Mill in Duck Lake - the destination of William Hunter described in the story.

Transcription can be found in volume 65, issue 1 of Saskatchewan History, beginning on page 6.

Anderson, Barbara E., ca. 1874-1951 or after

Publications relating to Saskatchewan

  • PI-1083 to PI-1091
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1953-2007

PI-1083: The Dam the Drought Built: A History of the South Saskatchewan River Project, by Max Macdonald. Published by the Canadian Plains Research Center, Regina, Saskatchewan. 1999. 106 p.

PI-1084: J.W. Woodsworth: A Man to Remember, by Grace MacInnis. Published by the Macmillan Company of Canada Limited, 1953. 336 p.

PI-1085: Prince Albert: The First Century, 1866-1966, by Gary Abrams. Second Printing, 1976. 389 p. The publication was commissioned by the Council of the City of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

PI-1086: Little Pine and Lucky Man: A History, 1866-1885, by Peter Dodson for Little Pine and Lucky Man First Nations. November 2003. 53 p.

PI-1087: Mid-Air Moose Jaw: Unraveling the myths and mystery of Canadian Aviation's worst disaster in 1954, by Larry Shaak. Published by On Stage Consulting and Publishing, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. 2007. 228 p.

PI-1088: The Mounted Police and Prairie Society, 1873-1919, edited by William M. Baker. Published by the Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, Regina, Saskatchewan, 1998. 362 p.

PI-1089: Saskatchewan Politics into the Twenty-First Century, edited by Howard A. Leeson. Published by Canadian Plains Research Center, University of Regina, 2001. 428 p.

PI-1090: Paradise on the Steppe: The Odyssey on a Pioneering People, by Joseph S. Height. Fourth Printing, 1980. Published by North Dakota Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Bismark, North Dakota.

PI-1091: One Century Later: Western Canadian Reserve Indians Since Treaty 7, edited by Ian A.L. Getty and Donald B. Smith. Published by University of British Columbia Press, 1978. 153 p.

Historical Ownership Mapping Endeavour (HOME) Maps collection

  • A1393
  • Colección
  • 2005

Collection of maps containing Dominion Land Grant information, including the names, dates and legal land locations of the original land grants issued by the federal Department of the Interior, Dominion Lands Branch from 1871 to 1930 and by the Government of Saskatchewan, Lands Branch since 1930.

Each map includes an alphabetical index by surname.

Not all rural municipalities in Saskatchewan are included in this collection.

Made in Saskatchewan: Peter Rupchan, Ukrainian Pioneer and Potter

Original and revised editions of the publication entitled, Made in Saskatchewan: Peter Rupchan, Ukrainian Pioneer and Potter, written by Judith Silverthorne. A biography of Peter Rupchan, who emigrated from Ukraine to the Endeavour-Usherville, Saskatchewan district in 1905 and was a homesteader and an accomplished potter. His works appear in public and private art collections across Canada.

Thrashing Raw Footage

Interviews about celebrating the history of the community (including threshing, church service, a lunch and an antiques parade). Some interviews take place at the heritage village / pioneer village, including school tours and images of young children pumping water. No clippings list is available.

Records created and compiled by Lois Argue

Information typed and edited by Lois Argue concerning homesteaders Robert James Dobson and Robert Albert Argue; reminiscences of Argue entitled, My Memories of the Province of Saskatchewan as a resident from 1920 to 1940, (23 p.); and Memories of Rouleau, Saskatchewan... of a young child, and the influence it had on her life, (5 p.); covering letter which includes further experiences in Saskatchewan; reminiscences entitled, Memories of the City of Regina, (25 p.); eulogy and funeral program for Francis Earl Dryden Watson (Feb. 27, 1917 - June 29, 2000) of Lacadena; reminiscences entitled, Lois W. Argue, Regina, Saskatchewan Joins the Royal Canadian Airforce During the Second World War (1939-1945), 2001. (22 p.); biographical sketch of the George and Margaret (Scott) Argue family of Grenfell, Saskatchewan; reminiscences entitled, Winter on the Prairies:.....and Summer.

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