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Richmond Mayson articles

Articles, written by Richmond Mayson, pertaining to the history of Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. Mayson was a member of the Prince Albert Historical Society and the National Historic Sites and Monuments Board.

Joseph Cope Jr. with his prize-winning horses

  • R-A20906
  • Unidad documental simple
  • ca. 1930

Joseph Cope Jr. with his prize-winning team of general purpose horses, harnessed to a wagon. Whitewood fair. Late 1920's, early 1930's.


  • FILM R-1412
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1979 or before

Agricultural Documentary: Features on rye crops in Manitoba, Calgary Stampede, parade of antique tractors at Pioneer Days, Saskatoon.


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 18 Oct. 1971 - 29 Oct. 1971

  • FILM S-84
  • Unidad documental simple
  • 1971-10-18 to 1971-10-29

News: (1) Alderman Owen Mann on city taxes. (2) Ann Smith canvassing a house for the United Appeal. (3) Alderman Cliff Wright on homebuilding and sewage treatment. (4) CRTC hearing session for a North Battleford radio staion (silent). (5) Frank Hammond on the United Appeal returns. (6) Board of Trade breakfast; several men sitting at many tables (silent). (8) Mr. Guerling on Waskachimo. (9) Extendacare nursing home; exteriors, interiors (silent). (10) Roy Romanow on a pulp mill agreement. (11) Luncheon where Mr. Romanow is speaking. (12) Dr. Ernest Baergen on doctor's wages. (13) John Brockelank on unspecified matters. (14) Dr. H. D. Roberts on doctors immigrating to Canada. (15) Other speakers at the Dr. Roberts dinner; audience members, Canadian Medical Association presentations (silent). (16) United Nations flag raising ceremony; flag raised by Mayor Sid Buckwold (silent). (17) Sylvia Fedoruk presenting an award to Mayor Buckwold for supporting women's curling. (18) High school students tour various departments at the University of Saskatchewan (silent). (19) Alan Gleave, New Democratic Party spokesman, on funding needs for farmers. (20) Roy Romanow on rail transportation problems. (21) High school students' S.R.C. workshop session (silent). (22) "Chipmunk" C.A.F. air trainers in a hanger (silent). (23) Roy Romanow on export industries. (24) Mr. Burdeny on I.M.F. farm expansion. (25) Snowstorm; downtown streets (silent). (26) Mrs. Fischer on unidentified matters. (27) Engineering students's fundraising roadblock for the United Appeal (silent). (28) Farm; grain bins, machinery, bales; all covered with snow (silent). (29) Children walking the streets on Halloween and getting candy at a house (silent).(30) Board of Trade "POW" party; people at tables watching a variety programme (silent). (31) Jack Bustard, manager of The Bay in Saskatoon, on new computerized cash registers. (32) An unidentified man uses a computerized cash register (silent).

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

Beef is the Business exposition at North Battleford

Views showing the Beef is the Business exposition, hosted by the North Battleford Agricultural Society and the North Battleford Chamber of Commerce and held at the North Battleford Civic Centre, June 12-13, 1975. 01 to 12: Views of the opening ceremony. 01 to 02: His Worship Jack Clements, mayor of North Battleford, addresses guests. 03 to 05: Views of guests in attendance. 06 to 07: Don Gay, chairman of Beef is the Business, addresses guests. 08 to 09: Howard Mattilo, president of the North Battleford Agricultural Society, addresses guests. 10 to 12: Don Perrin, secretary-manager of the Saskatchewan Stock Growers Association, addresses guests. 13 to 18: General views of the opening ceremony, with Don Perrin speaking. 19: Hereford cattle in a stall. 20 to 21: A Chianina-cross heifer. 22 to 24: Hereford bulls. 25 to 27: Hereford cow and calf. 28 to 30: General views of exhibitor displays. 31: Normande half-bloods. 32 to 34: A Normande bull. 35 to 37: A Maine Anjou half-blood. 38 to 39: Exhibitor displays. 40 to 42: Charolais cow and calf. 43: Exhibitor display. 44 to 45: A Simmental bull. 46 to 48: Students from Lawrence School at North Battleford visit the exposition. 49 to 50: A Shorthorn bull. 51 to 53: A Limousin bull. 54: Exhibitor display. 55 to 56: A Charolais bull. 57 to 58: Exhibitor displays. 59 to 62: An Angus bull. 63 to 70: Exhibitor displays. 71 to 72: Overall views of the stock show area. 73: Exhibitor display. 74: Limousin stalls. 75 to 78: A Hereford bull. 79 to 83: Four Pinzgauer crosses: Angus; Hereford; Charolais; and Shorthorn. 84 to 88: A Chianina bull. 89 to 91: A Normande bull.

Varley, Don

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