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Cummins Map Company

  • A0003.10 (S)
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  • 19--

Cummins Rural Directory. Townships 11 to 14, Ranges 1 to 3, West of 3rd Meridian.

The Cummins Map Company, 1917-1940

Cummins Rural Directory Map

  • A0003.21 (S)
  • Item
  • 19--

Map No. 195; depicting townships 35 to 38, ranges 16 to 18, W of 2nd Meridian, including communities of Spalding, Beauchamp, Watson, Quill Lake, Westasta Valley, St. Front, Scrip, Buchanan.

The Cummins Map Company, 1917-1940

Harvesting outfit

  • R-B9159
  • Item
  • 19--

Harvesting outfit consisting of: horses and wagons, steam tractors, a thresher, and several men, Carl Duffee, Ollie Hoghall (engineer), George Rice (tanky), Chet duffee (separator man), dave million (grain wagon). 1915 Syndicate outfit at Dave Millions on the Gardner place, NE 6-12-26-W3.

Charlie Rayner's farming operations

(1): Charlie Rayner breaking land with four oxen at a neighbour's. Rayner's homestead was located on 23-19-8-W3, near Glen Kerr/Log Valley, Saskatchewan. Charlie Rayner was born in Prince Edward Island in 1889 and came to Saskatchewan around 1905.

(2): An unidentified man, possibly a hired hand, sitting on a horse-drawn water wagon owned by Charlie Rayner during harvesting operations in the Glen Kerr district. The horses, named "Mike" and "Craig", were used, in their early years, to chase coyotes.

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