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"A Model Tent"

  • S-B7745
  • Item
  • July 1940

"A Model Tent" at Camp Wakonda, near Wakaw, July 1940.

"A country of swift changes" cartoon

  • R-A15804
  • Item
  • 19--?

"A country of swift changes" cartoon. An Indian wearing pants with "XXX Flour" stamped on them, pointing at a flour mill saying "...Injuns best hunting grounds six moons ago just where big red teepee stands."

"A half-breed's dwelling"

  • R-B3245
  • Item
  • 19--

"A half-breed's dwelling". Women cooking over open fire and cleaning pot, men seated talking on log in front of house. Illus. from Can. Illus. News, Oct. 3, 1874.

"A hot corner"

  • S-A166
  • Item
  • June 22 1907

Dominion Lands office, Yorkton, in the Doukhobor lands rush, June 22, 1907.

"A modern 1912 Yorkton residence"

  • R-A26727
  • Item
  • 1912 or after

"A modern 1912 Yorkton residence." B.F. Patrick residence, Tupper Ave.

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