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CKOM-AM (Radio station : Saskatoon, Sask.), 2002-
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650 Interview Dec. 5/02

Recording includes an interview of Jim Pankiw M.P. by Kirk Levins on Indian incarciration and the Indian Crime Rate, the theme of Pankiw's "Stop Indian Crime" pamphlet. Also included is a news story on Canada Post employees protesting outside Pankiw's constituency office over having to distribute Pankiw's "Stop Indian Crime" pamphlet.

Comments About Jim on Gormley

Recording of John Gormley Live. Discussion includes raction to the opinions of Jim Pankiw M.P on race-based hiring practices, and reaction to Pankiw's "It's Clear Who the Racists Are" pamphlet. Callers voice their opinions.

Comments on Gormley About Press Conference

Recording includes news stories on Jim Pankiw M.P.'s announcement of his intentions to run for mayor in the upcoming Saskatoon civic election, John Gormley's reaction to Pankiw's announcement, and reaction from Gormley and callers to Pankiw's "It's Clear Who the Racists Are" pamphlet.

Gormley July 9, 2002 Continue

Continuation from R-16154. Includes a breaking news story from David Kirton, with correspondent Mervin Brass, on Jim Pankiw M.P.'s dismissal from the Canadian Alliance caucus, and further news stories from Shauna Foster and Steve Rennick about Pankiw's dismissal.

Gormley July 9th/02

Segment of John Gormley Live discussing Jim Pankiw M.P. not being allowed back into the Canadian Alliance caucus. Gormley interviews George Richardson, President of the Canadian Alliance's National Council on why Pankiw was not allowed back in caucus when other dissidents were allowed back. Callers voice their opinions.

Gormley Show April 26/04

Recording of John Gormley Live relating to the defamation suit filed by James Parker on Jim Pankiw M.P., including discussion of a news release issued by Pankiw that further defames Parker. Also included is discussion regarding the Canadian Human Rights Commission's investigation of nine complaints of racism made by citizens about Pankiw. Callers voice their opinions on the topics and Martin Cannon, University of Saskatchewan Sociology professor is interviewed.

Gormley Show Dec 17, 2002

John Gormley Live guest host Murray Wood discusses the topic of hate crime legislation following racist comments made by David Ahenakew. Wood and his guests discuss how far the boundaries of freedom of expression can be stretched. Callers voice their opinions.

Gormley Show July 3, 2003 - Pankiw vs. Kossick

Recording of John Gormley Live. Guest host David Kirton acts as moderator for a debate between Saskatoon mayoral candidate Jim Pankiw M.P. and Don Kossick of Citizens for a Community of Mutual Respect. Includes reaction from callers.

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