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Devine, D. Grant, 1944-
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[1985 Visit to Regina of Japan's Ambassador]

Three contact sheets consisting of 78 total images.

Images show Premier Grant Devine with Kiyoaki Kikuchi (Ambassador to Canada) [85-725-2, -3, -6, -7, -8] and Mr. Masuda (Consul General of Japan in Winnipeg) [85-725-4, -5], a Japanese tea ceremony with Chantal Devine, Mrs. Berntson, wife of Kiyoaki Kikuchi, and wife of Mr. Masuda [85-725-12 through -65] and a North American tea party [85-725-66 through [85-725-78].

Andrew, Bob, 1944-

1986 Consular Ball held at Government House

1986 Consular Ball held at Government House. (1) Saskatchewan Premier Grant Devine with his wife Chantal and infant daughter Camille. (2) Receiving line for the Consular Ball: (back) Aide to the Lieutenant-Governor Bill Reinhardt, Leslie Reinhardt, Shirley Schneider, City of Regina Mayor Larry Schneider, Jacqui Shumiatcher, Dean of the Consular Corps of Saskatchewan Morris Shumiatcher (front) Chantal Devine, Premier Grant Devine, Joyce Johnson, Lieutenant-Governor Frederick W. Johnson. (3) Morris Shumiatcher addressing guests.

AM Edition Interviews #2

Interviews Dennis Gruending has done for the CBC Morning Edition with: (1) Grant Devine about medicare and a recording of Tommy Douglas on the same subject; (2) Bill McKnight, Member of Parliament for Kindersley, and Minister of Indian Affairs, regarding the upcoming 1988 federal election and the government; (3) John Gormley and Lorne Nystrom regarding the 1988 federal election; (4) Lorne Hepworth, Education Minister, regarding cutbacks at Saskatchewan educational institutes; (5) Brenda Wilson, who was let go from her job with the government; (6) Gary Lane from SaskTel and Jeff Smith (Representative for Union Workers - Electrical workers of Canada) regarding their current job situation; (7) Bob Regnier stating his concerns about the mining at Cigar Lake; (8) Lorne Bick about when he found a wallet that was lost by a man 30 - 35 years ago at Queensbury Downs in the 1950's; (9) Alex Wilde, who works for SGI, about insurance for the Saskatchewan people; (10) a Mark and a Lorna about a hospital for the mentally challenged and the group home for them in Regina; (11) Dennis Gruending phoning different bars, pubs, and lounges in the United States and asking them what they would like to trade for some Canadian Bacon. This clip was made because of the recent free trade agreement between the United States and Canada. Copied to ACD R-15502.

AM Edition Interviews #3

Interviews Dennis Gruending has done for the CBC News Morning Edition with (1) Grant Devine on equity financing; (2) Viki Dutton on why she is not impressed with equity financing; (3) Roy Romanow on being NDP Leader and becoming Premier, about his qualities and qualifications, about his family and their backgrounds regarding the church and discusses his strengths and weaknesses; (4) Glen Mclauchlan who discusses his view on equity financing for farmers in Saskatchewan; (5) Allan Blakeney on his last days of office; (6) Garth Stevenson, President of the Sask. Wheat Pool regarding equity financing for farmers in Saskatchewan; (7) Lloyd Axeworthy, a Manitoba member of Parliament, and Don Ravis, a member for Saskatoon East, about the Free Trade Agreement; (8) Don Fast, director of the Water Quality Branch about the problem with finding dioxins in the water from the Prince Albert Pulp Mills; (9) Jack Kincaid explains why pharmaceutical drugs in Canada are going up in price; (10) Don Macdonald on why he is in favour of the Free Trade Agreement between United States and Canada; (11) Mel Hurtig, a member of a group called Free Trade Citizens Council, about the problems with Free Trade; (12)Ted Shukman, Dennis Gruending's old teacher/principal from High School. Shukman had a retirement party on June 16/88 and Dennis Gruending had a tribute for him on the radio because he couldn't attend. Copied to ACD R-15503.

AM Edition Interviews: Jan. - April '88

Interviews Dennis Gruending has done for the CBC Morning Edition with: (1) John Willis from Greenpeace, about his concern that the Uranium from the Key Lake Mining Corporation is being used for nuclear weapons; (2) Ivan Nightingale, President of Key Lake Mining Corporation, who says uranium from Key Lake Mines does not get used for nuclear weapons; (3) Mr.Tinter, who discusses the merger and then selling of Eldorado and Saskatchewan Mining Development Corporation, which are two uranium mining companies; (4) Dwayne Lingenfelter as he responds to accusations of vote buying; (5) Jim Sinclair, who discusses the possible split of AMNSIS (Association of Métis and Non-Status Indians); (6) Rod Bishop member of the Métis Society of Saskatchewan who discusses AMNSIS; (7) Grant Devine who discusses French language rights; (8) Jack Klien, the Urban Affairs Minister, about the Civic Ward System. Copied to ACD R-15504.

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