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Only top-level descriptions Moose Jaw (Sask.) Bestanddeel
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Synod of the Diocese of Qu'Appelle

  • R-705
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1884-1983

Includes: minutes of the Executive Committee; minutes of deanery conferences and meetings; parish returns; parish vestry minutes, account books, service registers; photographs; and "History of Holy Trinity Anglican Church, Lang" by Darrel Hockley (10 p., see file VII.112A). The Canadian Church Railway Mission (Diocese of Qu'Appelle) (Box 4) contains reports on the work of the Church Railway mission in various Saskatchewan communities. See Occasional Paper No. 164, Spring 1938, page 26 for obituary for Mary Spring-Rice, wife of Gerald Spring-Rice. See Occasional Paper No. 189, Summer 1951, page 22 for notice regarding death of Mrs. Alice Court.

Saskatchewan. Local Government Board

  • R-1132
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1913-1979

Files concerning Board jurisdiction over the finances and borrowing powers of cities, towns, villages, shcool districts, rural municipalities and union hospitals in the province. Files include general correspondence, proposals and approvals for local improvements, debenture issues and bylaws; maps and architectural drawings.

File I.5.L. (vii) includes photographs of a storm sewer at 3rd Avenue north west in Moose Jaw. File I.5.L. (viii) includes photographs of flooded streets in Moose Jaw on June 11, 1970; and file II.125B includes photographs of Turtleford, Saskatchewan with railway station, Saskatchewan Pool elevator and Pioneer Grain Co. Limited elevator in view, October 23, 1962.

Publications collected by Thauberger family

  • PI-923
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1902-1987

Publications collected by John Thauberger of Holdfast, Saskatchewan and his daughter, Mary (Thauberger) Delainey (1918-2002), who grew up in Holdfast, attended Provincial Normal School in Moose Jaw and taught at Pascoe School. Publications are as follows: German - English edition of Deharbe's Catechism; 1936-37 yearbook of the Provincial Normal School in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan; Volume 1, No. 7 (February 27, 1943) issue of Maple Creek Splash, a periodical containing fictional stories, letters and poetry, mainly regarding World War II, published in newspaper format in Maple Creek, Saskatchewan; publication entitled St. Joseph's Kolonie, 1905-1930, a local history in the German language with information on various Saskatchewan communities including Leipzig, Tramping Lake, Kerrobert, Macklin, Scott, and Wilkie; and a booklet relating to the 50th reunion of the Moose Jaw Provincial Normal School Class of 1937, held in Moose Jaw on June 5 to 7, 1987. The booklet includes biographical sketches of the 1937 graduates.

Miscellaneous R-N Short Runs : R-N 256 to R-N 275

  • Micro. R-1.32/3
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1908-1999 (predominant: 1984-1985)

Microfilm reel consists of a compilation of short newspaper and serial runs that are held as originals

R-N 256: Supplement to Saskatchewan Herald (Battleford, Sask.) from January 1908.

R-N 257: Moose Jaw Shopper from December 12 and 16, 1984.

R-N 258: Advance (Wynyard, Sask.) from November 8, 1928; "Salute to Agriculture" supplement to Advance (Wynyard, Sask.) from April 1983.

R-N 259: Citizen Times (Regina, Sask.) from about 1980.

R-N 260: Museum Pioneer Press from 1967.

R-N 261: Better Business Bureau Membership Directory and Consumer Guide supplement to Leader - Post (Regina, Sask.) from May 17, 1984.

R-N 262: Learning Opportunities for Adults course catalogue for Community Plains College from winter 1984.

R-N 263: Regina Parks and Recreation West Central Zone Guide from autumn 1984 and winter 1985.

R-N 264: Regina Parks and Recreation South Zone Guide from winter 1985.

R-N 265: Supplement to Asssiniboia Times on the commissioning of the Poplar River Project from 1981.

R-N 266: MacLean's Saskatchewan / Alberta Golden Jubilee edition from June 25, 1955.

R-N 267: Whitmore Whistler from 1985 to 1990.

R-N 268: Saskatchewan Weekly Newspaper Association supplement to accompany special golden jubilee editions of Saskatchewan newspapers from 1955.

R-N 269: Post - Review (Hudson Bay, Sask.) 25th anniversary edition from October 22, 1980.

R-N 270: Saskatchewan Courier (Regina, Sask.) from spring and summer 1984.

R-N 271: MacKenzie Art Gallery News from January / February, spring, and winter 1984; Vista from summer, fall 1984; and winter, summer 1985.

R-N 272: At the Dunlop (Regina, Sask.) from July to September 1985.

R-N 273: Sentinel and Orange Protestant Advocate from October 27, and December 29, 1927.

R-N 274: Onward (United Church of Canada) from November 26, 1927.

R-N 275: Crow Report (New Democratic Party. Saskatchewan Section) from March 1982.

Miscellaneous R-N Short Runs : R-N 245 to R-N 250

  • Micro. R-1.32/1
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1900, 1923-1955, 1990 (predominant: 1931-1934)

Microfilm reel consists of a compilation of short newspaper and serial runs that are held as originals.

R-N 245: Agricultural Review (Moose Jaw, Sask.) from January 1927 [volume 2, number 10].

R-N 246: Arran Arrow from October 13, 1923; July 3 to 31, August 14 to December 24, 1926; and January 15 to June 30, 1927.

R-N 247: The Commonwealth, a supplement to Creelman Gazette edited by F. C. Williams from September 15, 1933 [Volume 1, number 4].

R-N 248: Carnduff Daily Gazette from February 7 to March 12, 1900 [Volume 1, numbers 1 to 23]; Carnduff Welcomes You Home, a supplement to Gazette - Post News (Carnduff, Sask.) from July 4, 1990.

R-N 249: Labour's Realm, an annual for Regina Trades and Labour Council, from 1930 to 1932, 1934 to 1939, 1944 to 1946, 1953, and 1955.

R-N 250: The Reginan, a monthly for Regina Board of Trade, from April 1931, June 1931 to March 1932, May 1932 to January 1933, July, September, October, and December 1933, January to February, April to September, and November 1934.

Williams, F. C.

Miscellaneous R-N Short Runs : R-N 251 to R-N 255

  • Micro. R-1.32/2
  • Bestanddeel
  • 1910-10 to 1929-05, 1946-04-11

Microfilm reel consists of a compilation of short newspaper and serial runs that are held as originals.

R-N 251: Saskatchewan Farmer from December 1912; October 15, 1925; September 1, 1928; and one article without a date, but likely dates from either 1928 or 1929.

R-N 252: Saskatchewan Co-operative Elevator Co. Ltd. News from April 1916 to August 1917; April and August 1918; December 1918 to February 1920; July 1920; May 1921 to February 1922; April, May and July to November 1922; February 1923, and April 1923; Saskatchewan Co-operative News from May 1923 to July 1926 [volume 8, number 1 to volume 11, number 3].

R-N 253: Saskatchewan Memo from April 11, 1946 [volume 1, number 1].

R-N 254: Saturday Spectator (Regina, Sask.) from October 15, 1910 [volume 1, number 44].

R-N 255: Farm Movement from April 15 and May 15, 1929 [volume 1, numbers 4 and 6].