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Breaking land west of Sturgis

  • S-F514
  • Item
  • 1953

Item is an image showing the breaking/tilling of land located west of Sturgis, Saskatchewan.

W.R. Motherwell's stone farmhome

  • R-A5012
  • Item
  • 1897 or after

Item is an image showing W. R. Motherwell's two-storey stone farmhouse, located near Abernethy, Saskatchewan, known as Lanark Place.

1938 Ford truck owned by Alexandre Gervais

  • R-A20032
  • Item
  • 1940

Item is an image of a 1938 Ford truck owned by Alexandre Gervais, a grain loader constructed by Gervais is on the back of the truck.


  • FILM R-3966
  • Item
  • 1999 or before

Dramatized instructional film: A film about soil erosion, what causes it and the proper conservation practises required to restore and maintain soil fertility. Includes scenes of soil erosion caused by wind, water, deforestation and incorrect plowing and planting methods. Includes good scenes of a dust storm.

National Film Board of Canada

CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 12 March 1980 - 28 March 1980

  • VT R-7521
  • Item
  • 1980-03-12 to 1980-03-28

News Clips: 1) Proposed Orion medical centre; 2) Saskatchewan provincial budget; 3) Cutbacks in the provincial civil service; 4) Budget of Saskatchewan; 5) Comments on a hockey game between the University of Regina Cougars and the University of Calgary; 6) Highlights of hockey games between the University of Alberta vs. University of Calgary and the University of Regina vs. University of Moncton; 7) City seminar covering such topics as the mill rate, industrial development and water sources; 8) Highlights of hockey games between University of Alberta vs. Concordia University and the University of Regina vs. Gulph University; 9) Highlights of a hockey game between University of Regina and University of Alberta; 10) Dennis Ham declares he will sit as an independent; 11) Comments about the defection of Progressive Conservative MLA's to sit as independents; 12) Education program for natives; 13) Women's organization says there is a need for paternity leave; 14) Market information on the need for uranium; 15) Facade of the Bank of Commerce; 16) Herman Rolfes, Minister of Health, giving misleading information; 17) Artist in Hudson Bay; 18) City Concil meeting where there is a discussion of the mayor's and aldermen's salaries; 19) Uranium markets; 20) Storing ot the soil contaminated in the PCB spill; 21) Allan Blakeney comments on Quebec and seperation; 22) Foreign ownership of farm land is pushing up the price of the land; 23) Religion in the public school; 24) City council meeting regarding housing taxes and those people who owe back taxes; 25) Provinces who have surplus energy should sell its to those who do not.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 30 October 1984 - 11 November 1984

  • VT R-7541
  • Item
  • 1984

News Clips: 1) Farmers affected by high interest rates and rising prices; 2) Snow storm in Saskatchewan; 3) Jeanne Sauve, Govenor General; 4) Reaction of East Indians in Saskatchewan to the assassination of Indura Ghandi; 5) Plan for native housing; 6) High tax rate for property owners; 7) Gas project by Ocelot, in Richmound; 8) Lack of daycares in downtown Regina, and a proposal for one; 9) High number of false alarms received by Regina City Police; 10) Harlem Globetrotters; 11) New Democratic Party (NDP) convention; 12) " Saskatchewan Is Open For Business"; 13) The Regina Food Bank; 14) Gary Lane reaction; 15) Murder of Joanne Wilson by her ex-husband, MLA, Colin Thatcher; 16) Canadian film makers; 17) Farm Credit Corporation foreclosure; 18) Hotel Saskatchewan owes back taxes to the City of Regina; 19) University of Regina students debate priority enrolment; 20) No employment in Saskatchewan despite the low unemployment rate; 21) Progressive Conservative rally; 22) Scenes of a Regina Pats hockey game; 23) P.C convention and a vote on party resolutions; 24) Christmas decorations are up in stores and shoppers are already looking for gifts despite it being early November; 25) Price increase in gas, scenes showing service stations; 26) Bill McKnight speaking at a P.C convention; 27) P.C. convention; 28) Colin Thatcher in jail for the murder of Joanne Wilson; 29) Dog show in Regina; 30) Scenes of Remembrance Day services in Regina.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 30 November 1984 - 07 December 1984

  • VT R-7557
  • Item
  • 1984

News Clips: 1) People suffering from TMJ; 2) Closure of the Bulk and Natural Food Store and the Food Barn; 3) Strathcona School is closed; 4) Scenes of children playing in the snow; 5) Choir singing "Mary's Boy Child" in Wascana Park; 6) Natives want more say in the management of national and provincial parks; 7) City Hall generates a great deal of paperwork which has to be stored; 8) Children painting Christmas scenes on the windows of the main post office in Regina; 9) The vacancy rate of apartments in Regina is 1.6%; 10) Man suffering from "Beaver Fever", also how its caught and how its being dealt with; 11) Farm bill to stop foreclosure up until the end of 1985; 12) Farmers reaction to the new bill; 13) People planning early for winter holidays; 14) Choir singing "Jingle Bell Rock" in Wascana Park; 15) Cost of a Christmas dinner and return policies of Christmas gifts; 16) Farm troubles due to bad crops; 17) Toxic shock syndrome; 18) Choir singing "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" in Wascana Park; 19) Comments made by mayor Larry Schneider on a fund-raiser; 20) Fund-raising campagin by the city to help the Red Cross feed people in Ethiopia; 21) United Way fund-raising; 22) Inquest into a death of a woman from a gas leak; 23) Hospitals need to fund-raise to provide proper care; 24) Truck spills the diesel fuel its carrying; 25) Choir singing "Silent Night" while night scenes of Regina are shown.



  • FILM R-351
  • Item
  • 1981 or before

Documentary: Contains scenes from production footage portraying the history of wheat farming in western Canada from the time of the surveying expedition of John Palliser in 1847 to present. The film surveys the developments in the wheat farming industry including the notable agricultural scietists and Hon. W.R. Motherwell, Minister of Agriculture. It closes on modern wheat marketing and other natural resources developed in Saskatchewan. By: DSR


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