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Images of various bridges in British Columbia, Vermont, Connecticut, China, and England. Includes images of bridges in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan including the bridge over the North Saskatchewan River, Traffic (Victoria) Bridge and the bridge near Rotary Park. Includes images of an old covered bridge near Westchester, Connecticut; of Knights Ferry Bridge in Georgia (officially known as Knight Bridge) and of the world's longest covered bridge located near Hartland, New Brunswick.

Cities and towns

Images of cities and towns in Canada, the United States of America, England and China.


Items are images showing:
(1) Back gardens in Warkworth, England;
(2) Museum tea garden in Aldborough, England;
(3) Japanese gardens in Huntington, California;
(4)-(17) Gardens in Suzhou and Beijing, China, including Summer Palace; and
(18) Garden field on Whidbey Island, Washington.


Items are images showing:
(1) Iwo Jima Memorial in Arlington, Virginia;
(2)-(3) Queen Victoria monument in London, England;
(4) Washington monument in Washington, D.C.;
(5) Samuel de Champlain's monument in Quebec City.


Images of rivers in Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, England and the United States of America. Includes images of the South Saskatchewan River at Outlook and of the crossing at the North Saskatchewan River.

Stores - Retail

Items are images of stores in Saskatchewan, Alberta, England and the United States of America.

Universities and Colleges

Images of: the Janss Steps located on the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) campus; buildings and barns on the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon; the Lutheran Collegiate Bible Institute at Outlook; Sir William's College in England; a college in Beijing, China with a statue of Mao Tse-tung (1893-1976); and the Bread Loaf campus at Middlebury College in Vermont.

[Photograph Album]

Album contains images of: various members of the Clay and Shumiatcher families (such as Archibald Franklin Clay; Rose Jeanne Clay; Pierre Clay; Morris Cyril Shumiatcher; Jacqueline Shumiatcher; Luba Shumiatcher; Abraham Isaac Shumiatcher; Minuetta Shumiatcher [later Minuetta Kessler]); the wedding of Jacqui Clay and Morris Shumiatcher in Toronto, Ontario on April 18, 1955; Morris Shumiatcher and seven unidentified men running in the Molson Marathon from Regina, Saskatchewan to Lumsden on September 19, 1970 (51); Morris and Jacqui Shumiatcher's vacations in Hawaii, the Bahamas, Japan and England; the Shumiatcher's pet dogs; various friends and colleagues; and the Shumiatchers in their home at 2520 College Avenue, Regina.

Fred Burt and Saskatchewan scenes

(1)-(8): Images of a snowstorm in Estevan, Saskatchewan. Includes images of unidentified people standing on/near large snow banks. Buildings in the background include Mitchell's; Clasky and Co. and Perry Hardware. [1940s].

(9)-(13): Images of Service Flying Training School No. 38 in Estevan, Saskatchewan, possibly taken during a snowstorm. [1940s].

(14): Image of a street in Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan with grain elevators, including Searle elevator, on the left. [1940s].

(15): View of Regina Boat Club boathouse on Wascana Lake, Regina. [1940s].

(16)-(17): Views of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building with Wascana Lake in foreground. [1940s].

(18)-(23): A parade in Regina, Saskatchewan with various participants, including Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) on horseback [1940s].

(24)-(32): Images of the Regina Exhibition Rodeo in Regina. [1940s].

(33): Image of Fred Burt seated on ground wearing military uniform [between 1942 and 1944].

(34)-(35): Fred Burt standing at a wooden railing with mountains in background in Switzerland [1990 or before].

Burt, Fred, 1914-1990

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