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Abernethan (Abernethy, Sask.) collection

  • NP 129
  • Fonds
  • 1905-07-25 to 1913-05-28

Collection consists of print and microfilmed issues for The Abernethan.

The printing frequency of this title was weekly.

Distinct from: Abernethan (Moose Jaw, Sask.).

Alvena Recorder collection

  • NP 287
  • Fonds
  • 1961-02-18 to 1964-09-26

Collection consists of issues for Alvena Recorder from February 18, 1961 to September 26, 1964.

Blacks in Saskatchewan

  • Clippings File - Blacks in Saskatchewan
  • File
  • 195-? to 197-?

Information about James H. Dickson likely compiled by Saskatchewan Archives Board staff from homestead file in the Saskatchewan Archives. [195-?-197-?].

Copy of letter from A. R. Turner, Provincial Archivist, to A. I. Bereskin, Controller of Surveys, Department of Natural Resources, regarding information about James H. Dickson and his history in Saskatchewan, dated June 22, 1965. Date copied June 22, 1965.

Copy of letter from Ruth Dyck Wilson, Staff Archivist, Saskatchewan Archives Board, Regina, Saskatchewan, to Mr. Michael L. King, Cleveland Heights, Ohio, U.S.A., regarding information about the settlement of black persons in Saskatchewan. July 19, 1984. Date copied unknown. [2 copies].

One page of handwritten notes regarding the history of black Canadians in Saskatchewan. Creator of notes unknown, [after 1949].

Photocopy of chapter fourteen from the book entitled Many Trails, by R. D. Symons, Copyright 1963 R. D. Symons, Windjammer edition 1970. Chapter fourteen is entitled Dixie Transplanted, and describes a visit to a black settlement in northern Saskatchewan. Date photocopied unknown. [2 copies].

Articles from various sources regarding immigration and homesteading by black persons in Saskatchewan and Alberta. [after 1946-1972]. Some copies included, date copied unknown.

Copy of article entitled The Creek-Negroes of Oklahoma and Canadian Immigration, 1909-1911, by Harold Martin Troper, The Canadian Historical Review, Vol. LIII No 3 September 1972. Date copied unknown.

Correspondence between Allan R. Turner, Provincial Archivist, Regina, Saskatchewan, and Mr. Robin W. Winks, Department of History, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut, regarding the history of black Canadians in Saskatchewan, with particular interest in a settlement near Maidstone, dated July-October, 1959. Letters sent from Turner are copies of originals, copied the same date as the letters were written.

Article entitled How they kept Canada almost lily white: The previously untold story of the Canadian immigration officials who stopped American blacks from coming to Canada, by Trevor W. Sessing, printed in Saturday Night, September 1970.

Saskatchewan Archives Board, 1945

Brooks, Edwin Jackson

  • R-17
  • File
  • 1882-1885

Original and typed copy of letters from Edwin Jackson Brooks to his wife concerning his trip west from Lennoxville, Quebec, and his settlement at Indian Head, 1882-1884; scrapbook of newspaper clippings on North-West Rebellion and trial of Riel; special edition of "Daily Leader," July 21 - August 1885, (incomplete) containing reports on trial of Riel and others.

Louis Riel's Insanity Reconsidered

  • PI-81-3.3 (3)
  • Component
  • 1950

Item component is an article by Frank W. Anderson that appears in volume 3, issue 3 of Saskatchewan History from page 104 to 110. The article attempts to review the evidence of Riel's life (including religious education, claims of a divine mission, and ambition to lead the Metis) as it relates to his sanity by the time of his trial in 1885.

Anderson, Frank W., 1919-2008

Louise Simard fonds

  • BF 10
  • Fonds
  • 1946-1995

This fonds consists of records created, accumulated and used from 1986 to 1995 by Louise Simard in her political career as: Saskatchewan New Democratic Party (NDP) Opposition Health Critic and Women's Issues Critic; Minister of Health; Minister Responsible for the Women's Secretariat/Status of Women; member of the Saskatchewan NDP Caucus; and MLA for Regina Hillsdale and Regina Lakeview.

This fonds includes a small volume of records created by Patricia Atkinson in 1986 and 1987 as NDP Opposition Health Critic.
This fonds has been arranged into seven series: Opposition Critic; Minister of Health - November 1, 1991 to December 31, 1992; Minister of Health - 1993; Minister Responsible for the Status of Women/Women's Secretariat; Speeches; Political; and MLA/Constituency.

The Minister of Health - 1991 to 1992 series has been arranged into twenty-five sub-series: Organizations; Health Issues; Saskatchewan Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission; Communications Branch; Community Health - Prevention and Treatment Services; Continuing Care Branch; Family Planning Program; Health Promotion Branch; Laboratory and Disease Control Services Branch; Medical Care Insurance Branch; Mental Health Services Branch; Policy and Health Economics Branch; Other Provinces; Planning and Construction Branch; Hospital Services Branch - Urban and Rural; Prescription Drug Services Branch; Vital Statistics Branch; Northern Health Services Branch; Federal Government; Inquiries and Concerns; Saskatchewan Health Services Authority; Health Services Utilization and Research Commission; Premier's Correspondence; Health Reform; and Other Government Departments.

The Minister of Health - 1993 series has been arranged into twenty-five sub-series: Communications; Continuing Care; Finance & Administration; Health Planning and Policy Development; Human Resources Branch; Laboratory & Disease Control; Medical Care Insurance Branch; Mental Health Services Branch; Northern Health Services; Prescription Drug Services; Prevention Services Branch; Rural Hospital Services; Treatment Services Branch; Urban Hospital Services; Vital Statistics Branch; Wellness & Health Promotion; Premier's Correspondence; Government MLA's; Opposition MLA's; Federal Government; Other Provinces; General Inquiries and Referrals; Organizations/Associations; Boards/Commissions; and Issues.

The Minister Responsible for the Status of Women/Women's Secretariat series has been arranged into two sub-series: November 1, 1991 to December 31, 1992; and 1993. Both sub-series include the following four sub-sub-series: General Administration; Issues; Women's Organizations/Associations; and Status of Women.

The Speeches series has been arranged into six sub-series: November 1, 1991 to December 31, 1992; 1993; 1994; January to February, 1995; Other MLA's; and Undated.

The MLA/Constituency series includes two sub-series: Regina Lakeview and Regina Hillsdale.

No sub-series have been assigned to the records in the Opposition Critic series and Political series.

The types of records included are correspondence, memoranda, reports, newspaper clippings, newsletters, briefs and submissions, news releases, budget material, briefing material, photographs, posters, moving images and a sound recording.

Political records were separated out and identified as a distinct series.
This fonds is missing MLA/constituency records and records Simard created in 1994 and 1995 as Minister of Health and Minister Responsible for various portfolios.

Simard, Louise, 1947-

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