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Saskatchewan Wheat Pool fonds Item
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Episode in Valleydale

Dramatized Instructional Film: Explains the role of the provincial wheat pools and the Canadian Wheat Board in the marketing wheat through a dramatized story of a farmer who initially does not see the value of the two organizations but learns, with the help of his family, friends and neighbours, how they benefit him.

Crawley Films Ltd.

Why Grow Fat Hogs?

Agricultural instructional: Explains why farmers should produce lean hogs which meet established consumer demands. The films commentators demonstrates with cuts from carcasses of differing quality, how the lean, bacon-type hog will command better prices.

National Film Board of Canada

A Penny Saved

Dramatized Infomational: Through the fictional stories of three married couples, this film dicusses the wise management of credit and how the local credit union could advise each couple on their proper financial requirements according to their individual situations.


Raising Hogs the Market Wants

Agricultural Instruction: Film at the Central Experimental Farm at Ottawa, this picture shows imporved hog breeding methods designed to yield better returns for hogs producers. Also explained are the special feeding and management programmes developed at the farm to ensure production of lean bacon - type qualtiy hogs which bring better prices from meat packers and produce the pork products the public will buy.

National Film Board of Canada

Fisheries of the Great Slave

Instruction Film: Looks at the commercial fishing operations of independent companies on Great Slave Lake in the Mackenzie District of the North West Territories. Describes the fishing methods used both in the summer and the winter.

Crawley Films Ltd.

Look Alert, Stay Unhurt

Dramatized Television Instructional Film: After a boy runs into traffic and is almost hit by a car, a policeman explains to him the rules to follow to safely cross a street and the importance of being alert.

National Film Board of Canada

Revolution of the Land

Agricultural Documentary: An examination of the social, technical and economic changes taking place on Canadain farms. Focuses on the move to mass production of chickens and hogs and the importance of improved farm management methods and efficient production and marketing techniques. Also discueese the advantages and disadvantages of contract farming and verticle integration in the industry.

National Film Board of Canada

The Pony

Dramatized Short Film: a story about a brother and sister who buy a horse against their father's wishes and their adventures in trying to hide the horse until Christmas when they plan to tell their parents about it.

National Film Board of Canada

The Farmer's Flour Mill

Promotional Instructional: Through a tour of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool's mill elevator in Saskatoon, this film explains the milling process used to make wheat into high grade flour. Includes good close-up shots of the equipment used in the process.

Bird Films Limited

Canadian Wheat

Promotional Instructional Film: Describes the quality control methods used by the Canadian Wheat Board to ensure accurately graded and blended wheat is marketed to international buyyers. Also explained how the Canadian prairies were formed geologically 20000 years ago and why enviornmental and geological factors help to produce the hard spring wheat grown on the prairies, the film explains the research methodes used by Canadian plant breeders to develop new improved strains of wheat and describes the transportation system developed in Canada to transport and market grain to the world.

Crawley Films Ltd.

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