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Indians - Dwellings

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Indians - Dwellings

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Indians - Dwellings

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A Paper chase : The Prentice G. Downes fonds

Item component is an article containing the impressions on the contents and importance of the records for Prentice Gilbert Downes that were recently acquired by the Saskatchewan Archives. Impressions are provided with contributions from: Saskatchewan Archives' archivist Catherine Holmes; book editor Robert (Bob) Cockburn; McGahren Stewart Publishing company representative Hugh Stewart; northern researcher and Saskatchewan History contributor Les Oysteryk; and Saskatchewan History editor Myrna Williams. Component appears on pages 6 to 11.

Component is supplemented by images showing: journal entry by P. G. Downes; Downes carrrying goods and a paddle during one of his trips to northern Saskatchewan; First Nations' woman and child in a tent; First Nations' child standing near a tent where goods are piled outside; group of First Nations' People awaitng payment for signing over lands; caribou meat drying on racks adjacent a tent; John Custer; Downes wading at the stern of a canoe that is near shore of body water; group of First Nations People seated outside the opening of a tent; and Downes seated with pipe at the docks with a floatplane and boat visibile.

Williams, Myrna

A Sarcee Chief and his wife

  • R-B11379
  • Item
  • 1930 or before

A Sarcee Chief and his wife. The man has a blanket on his shoulders and is wearing a beaded neckband. Thje woman beside him has a pipe in her mouth and is wearing a cloth headband.

An Indian encampment on the prairie

Item is a colorized image showing a group of tipis (teepees) positioned close together, at least one person is shown standing in front of a tipi and there is a line of small trees/bushes in foreground. Each of the tipis have a design on their cover - particularly near the top where the lodge poles emerge.

CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 04 December 1984 - 18 December 1984

  • VT R-7589
  • Item
  • 1984

News Clips: 1) Plan to encourage more natives to become nurses; 2) Commercial for Bennett-Dunlop Ford; 3) Twisted Sister, a heavy metal rock group, causes parents some concen over their effect on children; 4) Chilian natives study Canadian natives; 5) Children are carrying weapons that are part of the heavy metal culture; 6) & 7) Farmers asked to donate wheat for Ethiopia; 8) Women to be guards at maximum security prisons; 9) Commercial for Bennett-Dunlop Ford; 10) Fluoride treament for children and floridation of Regina water; 11) Weather buffer; 12) Urban Native Reception Centre to help natives moving to the city; 13) Not enough subsidized housing for natives and what there is is in very poor condition; 14) Giving phones as Christmas gifts; 15) People on the street are asked about unemployment in Saskatchewan; 16) Police spot checks set up for the hoiliday season; 17) Michael Jackson look-a-like performs in Regina; 18) Newsday promo; 19) Silversides; 20) Arrest of Cassidy; 21) Newsday promo; 22) A business that does grocery shopping for people who are at work or who just do not like to shop; 23) Ammonia leak at the Dairy Producers Co-operative Limited; 24) Farmers suffering economically even though their income is up; 25) Ammonia leak at the Dairy Producers Co-operative Limited causes burns to some fire fighters because there are not enough suits to protect from chemicals; 26) CBC suffers from budget cuts; 27) People on the street are asked whether people should be allowed to smoke in restaurants; 28) Some people display the Christmas spirit all year round by being a volunteer; 29) Farmer facing foreclosure; 30) Proposed native housing and centre; 31) Sveinson accuses Harry Baker of threatening his family.


Cha-Cha-Ka-You, Loon Lake, Sask.

  • R-A5673
  • Item
  • ca. 1940

Cha-Cha-Ka-You, an Indian with beaded moccasins and breast-plate, fringed leather jacket and feathered head-dress, seated in front of his teepee.

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