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Hospitals - Saskatoon

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Hospitals - Saskatoon

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  • FILM R-1525.11
  • Item
  • 197-?

Trims: Scenes of patients in a burn care unit being attended to by hospital staff.


CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 01 Jan. 1975

  • FILM R-2114
  • Item
  • 1975-01-01

News: (1) Interview with Dr. Scriver from McGill University about genetics (2) Scenes from a laboratory researching genetics (3) Scenes of warning labels on cigarette packages (4) Exterior scenes of the University of Saskatchewan Hospital. A-D Strip vinegar syndrome test result = 0.25 - February 3, 2006.


CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 09 May 1983 - 13 May 1983

  • VT R-7639
  • Item
  • 1983-05

News Clips: 1) Joe Borowski challenging the abortion laws in court; 2) Canada Packers expands; 3) Chinese tour the Lanigan potash mine; 4) Currie is named the minister in charge of the status of women; 5) Joe Borowski's court challenge of the abortion laws; 6) Promo for a television show about a painter; 7) Swimmer Sandra Honor; 8) Canadian team climbs Mount Everest; 9) Snow storm in Saskatoon; 10) C-Channel is in financial trouble and will be going off the air; 11) Joe Borowski's court challenge of the abortion laws; 12) People on the street are asked who will win the hockey series between the Edmonton Oilers and the New York Islanders; 13) Berntson commenting on the changes to the Crow Rate; 14) McLaren commenting on the Chinese interest in the Lanigan potash mine; 15) Grant Devine answering questions on salaries of senior civil servants; 16) David Crombie making comments; 17) Hazen Argue announcing airport expansion in Regina; 18) Graham Taylor making comment about the fate of City Hospital in Saskatoon; 19) Blakeney commenting on the testing of cruise missles; 20) Devine apologizing for giving the incorrect information in the house; 21) & 22) Joe Borowski's challenge of Canada's abortion laws; 23) Shots of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building and downtown Regina during a snow storm; 24) Joe Borowski's challenge of Canada's abortion laws; 25) Spring snow storm in Regina; 26) North Dakota's Governor Allan Olson makes a speech in the Saskatchewan Legislature; 27) to 29) Air Canada flight slides off the runway during a snow storm in Regina; 30) Residental garbage and those who remove it; 31) Lakeshore Tennis Club bubble falls down; 32) Grant Devine commenting on the deputy minister stepping down.


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 07 Dec. 1971 - 22 Dec. 1971

  • FILM S-88
  • Item
  • 1971-12-07 to 1971-12-22

News: (1) Mexabition agricultural trade exposition; people looking at displays (silent). (2) Unidentified men [news item: "U.N. petition"] (silent). (3) Saskatoon Post Office; front counter, sorting room (silent). (4) House fire on Park Avenue; fire fighters on scene (silent). (5) House decorated with Christmas lights; neighbourhood decorated with lights (silent). (6) Presentation of a television by the general staff to the City Hospital's pediatrics ward. (7) Board of Trade luncheon and speeches (silent).


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 07 May 1972 - 15 May 1972

  • FILM S-115
  • Item
  • 1972-05-07 to 1972-05-15

News: (1) Palisades Apartments fire aftermath; police and fire officials on the scene (silent). (2) "Battle of Atlantic" parade and memorial ceremony (silent). (3) Mr. Harvey at a city council session, on animal farm tenders. (4) Men with tractor tree-planting in a field (silent). (5) Student art exhibition at the Saskatoon Public Library (silent). (6) Musicians playing at a United Appeal dinner; an unidentified man gives a speech (silent). (7) University Bridge, various shots (silent). (8) Children at the train station, boarding a train bound for Quebec; the train departs (silent). (9) Gordon MacMurchy on Kindersley. (10) Thomas Warren on underground water. (11) Banquet for Thomas Warren (silent). (12) Kite contest; children, kites, crowds of people (silent). (13) Dave Steuart on government interference in business. (14) Fire at a manure pile at the University of Saskatchewan. (15) Awards banquet for University Hospital (silent). (16) Cows and calves romping in a field (silent).


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 08 Feb. 1972 - 12 Feb. 1972

  • FILM S-90
  • Item
  • 1972-02-08 to 1972-02-12

News: (1) Dr. Peter Matthews on medical steam research. (2) A man adjusts a steam valve in a boiler room (silent). (3) Saskatoon Airport, tower exterior; interior radar room and air traffic control (silent). (4) C.N.I.B. spokesman presents an award to Earl Dick, University Hospital, for employing the visually impaired (silent). (5) City Council session on unknown matters (silent). (6) Peter Jennings on a trade mission to Europe.(7) Evelyn Edwards on hospital emergency departments. (8) Queen Elizabeth Power Station; receiving a new transformer (silent). (9) Con Romuld onarbitration for teachers in a dispute. (10) Children tobogganing down ahill (silent). (11) Unidentified people sitting a room, listening to speakers at a head table [news item: "P.C. Workshop"] (silent).


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 17 Sept. 1971 - 22 Sept. 1971

  • FILM S-78
  • Item
  • 1971-09-17 to 1971-09-22

News: (1) YWCA and YMCA bike challenge announcement. (2) YWCA representatives with placards for the bike challenge. (3) Alderman Evelyn Edwards on coordinating city health groups. (4) Saskatoon City Hospital, exteriors (silent). (5) Mayor Sid Buckwold on city tax increases. (6) Saskatchewan Motor Club presentation of a safety award to Mayor Buckwold. (7) Frank Hammond, United Appeal president, on contributions from City Hall. (8) Dr. John Egnatoff on education staff increases. (9) Premier Allan Blakeney on the upcoming provincial election. (10) Alderman Cliff Wright on city council's participation in the Bikeathon. (11) Don Koyl on city tax increases. (12) Bill Milne on the United Appeal and Bikeathon. (13) Teachers and students on tour at the School for the Deaf (silent). (12) Frank Zombathy on the Bikeathon. (13) Otto Lang on the decline of immigration to Canada.


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