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Series: (1) Coppermine in Lac LaRonge (interiors/exteriors). Aerial views of Saskatchewan. (3) Dr. Walter Kupsch is interviewed about the geological history of Saskatchewan. (4) Dr. Wardlaw is interviewed about the geology of Saskatchewan. (5) Fossils from Saskatchewan. (6) Dr. Walter Kupsch. (7) Dr. Kupsch and Dr. Wardlaw. (8) Dr. Byers.


Local Histories - Medicine Hat

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Article entitled Ken Liddell Reports on Early History Hospital, Nurses' Home, The Medicine Hat News, Medicine Hat, Alberta, May 1956.

Tabloid form of The Medicine Hat News titled Beneath Our Feet...Our Past Lies, consisting of a reprint of a twelve part series on the geological history of the Medicine Hat, Alberta area, written by Mrs. Hope Johnson, [19--]. [2 copies].


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  • 1927-09-01

An article from the Estevan Mercury published on September 1, 1927, entitled, "Huge Fossils East of Estevan Tell Strange Tales of Past."

[Fossils found by Bernie Devris]

01 - Bernie Devris of Fort Qu'Appelle inspects fossil of superbison. Mr. Devris mad this find in gravel pit south of Fort Qu'Appelle and donated it to the Museum of Natural History in Regina. This fossil is believed to be of the pre-glacial age.

02 - Mr. Bernie Devris of Fort Qu'Appelle looks over collection of fossils which he donted to the Museum of Natural History, Regina.

03 - Mr. Bruce McCorquodale (left), Anthropologist with the Museum of Natural History in Regina, is assisted by Mr. Bernie Devris in measuring the horn span of a superbison fossil.

04 - Mr. Bruce McCorquodale (left) and Mr. Bernie Devris study fossil of the superbison which is believed to be of pre-glacial age.

05 - Bruce McCorquodale and Bernie Devris look over the various fossils found by Mr. Devris south of Fort Qu'Appelle.

06 - Fossils found by Bernie Devris near Fort Qu'Appelle. The top fossil is of a superbison while the bottom two are modern bison.

07 - Fossil of superbison (top) and modern bison (bottom). The superbison fossil was found by Mr. Bernie Devris of Fort Qu'Appelle.

08 - Fossils of pleistocene horse donated to the Museum of Natural History by Mr. Bernie Devris.

09 - Mammoth bones donated to the Museum of Natural History by Mr. Bernie Devris.

10 - Foot bones of pleistocene horse.

11 - Jaw bones of pleistocene horse.

12 - Fossils of musk ox found by Mr. Bernie Devris.

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