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Farming Today Opening

Film contains the Farming Today opening credits, featuring images of cattle, farmers, an auction, etc.

More Nitrogen Fixation

Gordon Foth interviews Dr. Wendal Rice, a microbiologist from the Beaver Lodge Research Station in Alberta about legume inoculations and nitrogen fixation for Farming Today.

New wheat variety

Gordon Foth interviewing Dr. Fred Smith reagarding new varieties of wheat for Farming Today.

Pear Grow Seeding

Host Gordon Bacon [Gordon Foth?] interviews Dr. Fernando Selles of the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre (SPARC) in Swift Current, Saskatchewan about new pear grow seeding systems research for Farming Today.

Wheat Breeding

Gordon Foth interviewing Dr. Fred Smith of Winnipeg Research Station about wheat breeding for Farming Today.

[Crop rotation, winterkill, wind study and nitrogen fixation segments]

Four segments for Farming Today: Gordon Foth interviews 1) Dr. Bob Zettner about crop rotation; 2) Dr. Grant MacLeod about winterkill of fall rye; host Gordon Bacon interviews 3) Dr. Doug Cambell about a verticl axis wind turbine and 4) Dr. Bix Bidereck about nitrogen fixation in legumes.

[Dr. Taggert, World Food Day, Soil]

Four clips from Farming Today, hosted by Gordon Parker. All clips are duplicates of ones found on MI 274.

  1. Taggert family discussing Dr. J.G. Taggert
  2. Researcher from Punjab University
  3. World Food Day discussion
  4. Soil erosion control

[Dr. Taggert, World Food Day, soil and forage]

Eight segments of Farming Today:

  1. Reminiscences of Dr. J.G. Taggert (first Supervisor of the Swift Current Research Station)
  2. Nitrogen-water interactions
  3. World Food Day interviews
  4. Barriers for soil control
  5. Forage program and beef production
  6. Soil test reports
  7. Seeding grass and legumes
  8. Dealing with winter annual weeds in the fall
    Most segments were hosted by Gordon Parker..

[Fertilizer use and winter cereals segments]

Host Gordon Bacon interviews 1) Dr. Fernando Selles about fertilizer use and micronutrient requirements for crops; and 2) Dr. Grant McLeod about winter cereals, including weed control and fertilizer use. Both interviews take place at the Semiarid Prairie Agricultural Research Centre (SPARC) and are for Farming Today.

This cassette includes a log sheet.

[Forage Program and Weather Data]

Three clips from Farming Today, all hosted by Gordon Parker:

  1. Forage program
  2. Weather and the District Officer Project with Ken Worek (from Environment Canada)
  3. Snowfall and winter moisture with Doug Judisch [Duplicate of MI 275]
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