Emmett Hall: Establishment Radical series Inventory list

Identifier Sort ascending Title Level of description Date Digital object
Tape R-15459 Dielschneider, Peter Sept. 19/84 Tape 2 Item 1984-09-19
Tape R-15460 Fulton, Davie Item 1984-10-15
Tape R-15465 Wedge, Dr. John Dec. 1/84 Item 1984-12-01
Tape R-15474 Hall, Emmett Feb.16/85 Tape 1 Item 1985-02-16
Tape R-15479 Kancs, Henry Item 1985-02-11
R-B14155 Pages 218-219 from "The Sheaf", April 1919 Item 198-?
R-B14156 L-R Emmett Hall, Progressive Conservative leader George Drew and Donald Disberry walking in front of a building. Item 1953
R-B14157 Emmett Hall with federal Minister of Health, Monique Begin, at a testimonial dinner for Hall. Item 1984
R-B14159 (1)-(2) Portraits of Dennis Gruending. Item 198-?
R-B14160 A crowd of people gathered to see Sir Wilfred Laurier lay a cornerstone for an unidentified building. Item 190-?
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