Elections (Provincial, 1978)



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Elections (Provincial, 1978)

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Elections (Provincial, 1978)

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Elections (Provincial, 1978)

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CBKT (Regina) News Clips. 03 October 1978 - 23 October 1978

  • VT R-7482
  • Item
  • 1978

News Clips:1) Convenience of mall shopping vs. shopping downtown (StreetBeat); 2) Supreme Court decision and its effect on the election (StreetBeat); 3) People are asked who will win the upcoming provincial election (Street Beat); 4) & 5) Commments on moving the weather station from Regina to Winnipeg (Street Beat); 6) Raising turkeys; 7) Thankgiving (Street Beat); 8) Comments on candidates running in the election; 9) World Series (Street Beat); 10) Political signs on lawns (Street Beat); 11) Peoples feelings about the postal strike; 12) Interview of Bruno Gerussi;13) Postal strike; 14) Peoples' feelings about mandatory seat belt use (Street Beat); 15) Cost of borrowing by the Crown Corporations to the taxpayers; 16) Ordination of women.


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 18 Sept. 1978 - 21 Sept. 1978

  • FILM S-1210
  • Item
  • 1978-09-18 to 1978-09-21

News: (1) Outtakes from press conference. (2) Peoples reactions to upcoming provincial election. (3 & 4) Allan Blakeney on gas prices. (5 & 6) Allan Blakeney (silent). (7) Ray Hnatyshyn on the election in Nova Scotia. (8) Dick Collver on welfare. (9) Dick Collver on taxation. (10) Dick Collver, "Mud thrown is ground lost". (11 & 12) Dick Collver (silent). (13 to 15) Ted Malone on election promises (b&w). (16) Cliff Wright with United Way in his office (silent). (17 & 18) Gus Hadesbeck on unknown postal issue. (19 & 20) Gus Hadesbeck (silent).

CFQC-TV Saskatoon


  • VT R-225
  • Item
  • between 1971 and 1982

Television Spot: Six thirty second election commercials for N.D.P. candidates Walter Smishek, Margaret Fern, Stan Oxelgren, Doug McArthur, Ned Shillington, Clinton White, John Solomon, Bill Allen, Henry Baker. SEE GUIDE NO. GR 270 By: TM



  • FILM R-1599
  • Item
  • 1978?

Film report: Scenes of the three provincial party candidates of Prince Albert-Duck Lake constituency and provincial leaders campaigning for the upcoming election.