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Echo Lake (Sask.)

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Echo Lake (Sask.)

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Echo Lake (Sask.)

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Aerial views of Regina and district, Craven and district, Fort Qu'Appelle and Calling Lakes district, Buffalo Pound Lake, Grenfell district

Aerial views of various regions throughout southern Saskatchewan. 01 to 16: City of Regina sewage lagoons. 17 to 41: Downstream end of Buffalo Pound Lake which provides domestic water supply. 42 to 46: Craven. 47 to 48: Dam on the Qu'Appelle River, near Craven. 49, 51: Farm land along the Qu'Appelle valley, north of Grenfell. 50, 52 to 54: Farm land just north of Regina. 55 to 57: Harvesting just north of Regina. 58 to 59: Harvesting near the Armour Siding grain elevators, north of Regina. 60 to 65: Downtown and residential areas of Regina. 66 to 70: Pasqua Lake. 77 to 80: Echo Beach with Pasqua Lake in the foreground and Echo Lake in the distance. 81 to 82: Echo Lake. 83: Sioux Bridge with Echo Lake in the background. 84 to 90: Echo Lake. 91 to 92: Echo Lake with Valley Centre Beach. 93 to 94: Fort Qu'Appelle. 95 to 97: Mission Lake. 98: Mission Lake, with Katepwa Lake seen at top of image. 99 to 102: Mission Lake. 103 to 104: Sandy Point on Katepwa Lake. 105 to 108: Katepwa Lake. 109: Farm land in the Lebret district. 110: Katepwa Lake and beach.111 to 112: Katepwa Lake. 113 to 116: Farm land along the Qu'Appelle River, north of Grenfell. 117 to 119: Crooked Lake. 120 to 124: Moose Bay on Crooked Lake. 125 to 126: East end of Crooked Lake. 127 to 134: Round Lake. 135: Farm land north of Broadview. 136 to 138: Grenfell. 139: Wolseley. 140 to 141: Wascana Institute of Applied Arts and Sciences and the Plains Heath Centre at Regina, looking from the southeast. 142 to 146: Regina. 147 to 149: University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus. 150 to 152: Regina.

Varley, Don

Aerial views of Regina sewage lagoon, lakes in the Qu'Appelle valley, and the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus

01 to 04: Aerial views of the Regina sewage lagoon, showing blooms of algae in the lagoon. 05 to 09: Aerial views of Round Lake, showing blooms of algae on the lake. 10 to 13: Aerial views of Crooked Lake, showing blooms of algae on the lake. 14 to 19: Aerial views of Katepwa Lake, showing blooms of algae on the lake. 20 to 24: Aerial views of Mission Lake, showing blooms of algae on the lake. 25 to 31: Aerial views of Echo Lake, showing blooms of algae on the lake. 32 to 39: Aerial views of Pasqua Lake, showing blooms of algae on the lake. All of the preceding images were taken for the Saskatchewan Department of the Environment. 40 to 42: Aerial views of the University of Saskatchewan, Regina Campus.

Varley, Don

B-Say-Tah Beach

Views of B-Say-Tah Beach along the shore of Echo Lake. Images include boating and swimming in Echo Lake, sunbathing and playing at the playground on the beach, and camping at Echo Valley Provincial Park.

Roberts, Olive B.

Commercial fishermen ice fishing with nets

  • R-B4809 (1)-(3)
  • Item
  • 1959

Items are images showing: (1) Conservation officer Ron Brown, checking the catch of commercial fishermen on Lake Katepwa with buildings on shore in background; (2) two Indian fishermen pulling a fish net from Echo Lake with a horse team and cutter nearby; (3) an Indian fisherman removing a fish caught in the net with a horse team and cutter near hole in the ice.

[Cottages, Beaches, and Tourist Views of Lebret, Indian Head, Ft. Qu'Appelle, and Echo and Katepwa Lakes]

01, 15: Cabins of Mr. W. Oliver at Sun Set Inn, Katepwa Lake.

02, 17-19: General view of Katepwa showing cottages and lake.

03, 14: Tourists viewing historical marker at Fort Qu'Appelle.

04: Lebret as seen from the lake.

(05) Tourist reading historical marker at Indian Head; (06) The Torrie's Tourist Camp at Indian Head; (07) Jubilee Motel, Indian Head.

08: General View of Katepwa Beach.

(09) Swimmers at B-Say-Tah Beach; (10) Cabins in the trees at Salters Beach at Lake Katepwa.

16: Summer cottage at Como Park on Lake Katepwa.

17: Grandview Cabins on Echo Lake W. G. Gall Prop.

20: Bellview Motel at the end of Lake Katepwa.

Photographic Services

Cutting ice blocks on Echo Lake; Department of Natural Resources Fish Culture Station

01 to 08: Views of the cutting of ice blocks on Echo Lake for use at the Fort Qu'Appelle Winter Festival. 09 to 76: Views of the Saskatchewan Department of Natural Resources' Fish Culture Station, located at Fort Qu'Appelle, and its operations. 09 to 11: Outside tanks for spawning fish. 13 to 14: Exterior views of the station. 15: Sign at entrance to the station. 16 to 23: Interior views of the main building and visitors' lobby. 24 to 26: Hatching tanks. 27: Feeding the fish in the hatchery. 28 to 30: A net-full of trout from one of the hatching tanks. 31 to 32: Newly-hatched fish. 33 to 34: Feeding the fish. 35 to 37: Special glass containers used in hatching the fish. 38: Newly-hatched fish. 39 to 44: Hatching tanks containing newly-hatched fish. 45 to 48: Swirl tank containing older fish hatched at the plant. 49 to 76: Views of: fish eggs; fish, just hatched, with air sacs; and fish as they appear after a few weeks.

Christensen, R. W.

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