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Dinners and dining - Saskatoon

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Dinners and dining - Saskatoon

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Dinners and dining - Saskatoon

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Annual Dinner of the Morton Historical Association

Item is an image showing a group of men and women at the Annual Dinner of the Morton Historical Association held in the King George Hote, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. John and Alice Archer are third and fourth from the right side respectively.

Buckwold, S. L.

  • FILM S-2371
  • Item
  • 2006 or before

News compilation: 1) Sid Buckwold appeals to the citizens of Saskatoon to participate in the Anti Litter Campaign, Aug. 10, 1971. 2) Sid Buckwold states that he intends to remain active in municipal government and will not enter politics at either the provincial or federal level, Sept. 14, 1971. 3) Footage of a gathering of people at a good bye tea for Sid Buckwold, Dec. 19, 1971. 4) Sid Buckwold speaks about the senate committee to investigate possible reforms to the Taxation Act, Dec. 23, 1971. 5) Sid Buckwold is holding a cake and bidding farewell to City Hall employees in the cafeteria, Dec. 31, 1971. 6) Footage of guests at a banquet, Jan. 23, 1972. (silent) 7) Sid Buckwold speaks about values at the "Sask. Salesman of the Year" awards, Nov. 26, 1969, at the Hotel Bessborough in Saskatoon. Shots of the people attending the banquet are included. 8) Sid Buckwold delivers the Mayor's New Year's message and talks about Saskatoon's centennial year, Jan. 1, 1967. (colour) 9) Sid Buckwold delivers the Mayor's New Year's message and talks about the events of the past year, Jan 1, 1968. 10) Sid Buckwold speaks at a testimonial dinner, Dec. 25, 1972. 11) Sid Buckwold speaks about the location of the institute for the criminally insane and states that if the citizens of Saskatoon object to this facility the Penitentiary Service could look for another location, Nov. 26, 1973. 13) Sid Buckwold talks about the energy crisis facing the nation. 14) Sid Buckwold accepting the position of Honourary Colonel of an unidentified regiment. Footage of the parade is included, June 8, 1974. 15) Sid Buckwold states that the cumulative effect of protesting will eventually lead to a change in Soviet Russia's attitudes, Apr. 13, 1977. (colour) 16) Sid Buckwold discusses the use of saccharine as a sweetener and says that more research should be carried out before banning it, Apr. 13, 1977. (colour) 17) Sid Buckwold speaks about the extent to which individuals can be involved in the governmental decision making process, Apr. 13, 1977. (colour)


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 05 July 1972 - 11 July 1972

  • FILM S-124
  • Item
  • 1972-07-05 to 1972-07-07

News: (1) Gordon Snyder on contract talks. (2) A crowd watches a tractor- pulling contest. (3) "Pioneer Days" summer exhibition; moustache contest (silent). (4) "Phantom Tourist" Board of Trade presentation to a police officer (silent). (5) Don Waldron on a partial solar eclipse visible in Saskatoon. (6) Retirement dinner and gala for Mr. Dallin (silent). (7) Princess Suirindhla on spiritual enlightenment. (8) Old-style fashion dress-up at a pancake breakfast at Simpson-Sears (silent). (9) "Pioneer Days" children's day parade (silent). (10) Old cars drive past the Saskatoon Grandstand; Ed Tchorzewski speaks on behalf of the Government of Saskatchewan. (11) Mr. Sykes, Mayor of Calgary, on city planning.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 11 Jan. 1972 - 30 Jan. 1972

  • FILM S-89
  • Item
  • 1972-01-11 to 1972-01-30

News: (1) Ambulance trainee workshop; people gathered around an "injured" person in a classroom setting (silent). (2) Ross Walker on the Saskatchewan economy. (3) Dr. J.W.T. Spinks on an unspecified University of Saskatchewan project. (4) Lecture hall audience watches Dr. Spinks speak (silent). (5) Police Chief Kettles on improving law enforcement. (6) Otto Lang, Mr. Borden, and Roy Atkinson speak to an audience (silent). (7) Jack Messer on farm incomes. (8) Vasaileyart opening, presentation, and exhibition; op art (silent). (9) Families skating in front of City Hall; skiing on Blackstrap, outside Saskatoon (silent). (10) Board of Trade dinner and presentations (silent). (11)Walter Mills on the plot of a Greek play. (12) The play in performance( silent). (13) Jack Messer speaks to a large audience, about the Land Bank program (silent). (14) A large crowd gathered for a dinner for Senator Sid Buckwold (silent). (15) Opening of WestCore Steel; hard-hatted dignitaries take a tour of the facility (silent). (16) Head table audience attendees for the Buckwold dinner (silent). (17) Army cadet straining at Dundurn camp (silent). (18) Roy Romanow on the relocaion of an unidentified plant to Saskatchewan. (19) William Godsalve in council, on aletter from Allan Blakeney regarding the amusement tax. (20) Train-truck collision; police on the scene (silent). (21) Queen Elizabeth Power Station; exteriors, interiors (silent). (22) Presentation of Canada Safety Coucil "Safe Driving Award". (23) Dr. A.W. Taylor on medical transplants.(24) Saskatoon Airport; exterior, interiors; people disembark from a plane, ticket counter, baggage handlers (silent). (25) Fire aftermath at a dairy farm; burned structures, equipment (silent). (26) Friendship Centre open house; people arrive and talk (silent). (27) Jack Messer on farm stability and government farm programs. (28) Dog show; owners and dogs,etc. (silent).

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 15 Dec. 1972 - 22 Dec. 1972

  • FILM S-150
  • Item
  • 1972-12-15 to 1972-12-22

News: (1) David Keith on the working conditions of teachers. (2) Gordon MacMurchy on the government's role in teacher bargaining. (3) Salvation Army toy depot; exterior, interiors; displays, storage area (silent). (4 - 6) Alfred Greve, the Mayor of Lanigan (?), speaking to a group in the Lanigan town hall (silent); interview with Mr. Greve on combining rural municipality functions with nearby R.M.'s; Town of Lanigan/R.M. ofUsborne office (silent). (7) Bert Salloum on tax increases. (8) St. Mary'sSavings and Credit Union, exteriors; over exposed interiors [news item: "Robbery at..."] (silent). (9) Saskatoon Airport; exteriors, interiors (generally over exposed) (silent). (10) Houses decorated with Christmas lights and figures (silent). (11) City council session; Mayor Bert Sears on a conversation with the Deputy Minister of Industry. (12) Hafford, Saskatchewan; a minister leads Christmas carollers in song on the street(silent). (13) Environment Canada weather forecasters at work (silent).(14) People boarding chartered buses, bound for an undisclosed location (silent). (15) Santa makes a "Phantom Tourist" presentation in a car dealership (silent). (16) Bishop Klein school, outdoor nativity scene and decorations (silent).

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 17 Nov. 1972 - 23 Nov. 1972

  • FILM S-146
  • Item
  • 1972-11-17 to 1972-11-23

News: (1) Lawyer's dinner; an audience listens to head table speakers (silent). (2) An audience listens to Premier Allan Blakeney speak at a New Democratic Party function (silent). (3) Peter Zakreski on industrial and recreational development (silent). (4) Saskatchewan School Trustees Association convention; registration table, audience listening to a speaker (silent). (5) George Slater on instruction available in schools. (6) Audience listening to Mr. Slater. (7) Saskatoon downtown streets (silent). (8) B'nai B'rith banquet, award presentation, and speeches (silent). (9 & 10) Gordon MacMurchy on teachers' collective bargaining, and education. Mr. MacMurchy on teachers' relations boards. (11) Saskatchewan School Trustees Association convention delegates listening to Mr. MacMurchy (silent). (12) Ed Chynoweth on supporting the Saskatchewan Roughriders, and the United Appeal. (13) Mayor Bert Sears presents an award and receives a certificate from a representative of the United Nations (silent). (14) "Phantom Tourist" Board of Trade presentation to Bud Smith at his department store.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 17 Oct. 1972 - 20 Oct. 1972

  • FILM S-141
  • Item
  • 1972-10-17 to 1972-10-20

News: (1) John Kolasky on Russian interference in Ukraine. (2) Ted Bowerman on provincial parks. (3) Meadow Lake Provincial Park map (silent). (4) Gordon MacMurchy on Saskatchewan teacher bargaining. (5) Dave Steuart on Saskatchewan teacher bargaining. (6) Walter Smishek on hospital teaching facilities. (7) Pensioner's rally; an audience of seniors listens to various speakers (silent). (8) "Firefighter's Ball" dinner and presentations to fire fighters (silent). (9) Eiling Kramer on transportation assistance for Saskatchewan cities.

CFQC-TV Saskatoon

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