Bakowski, B. B., 1883-1911


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Bakowski, B. B., 1883-1911

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B.B. Bakowski was born May 14, 1883 in eastern Europe and emigrated to the United States in 1901. Bakowski became a professional photographer in central Oregon that focused on scenic scenes of nature and views of cities for postcards. After living in La Grande, in 1910 he moved to Bend, Oregon, but Bakowski disappeared in February 1911 after a sudden blizzard arose while he was on a solo excursion to photograph Crater Lake. When he had not been heard from after a couple of weeks, a search was made of the area in which he was thought to have travelled, and although his body was not located, his sled and a shovel were found by searchers. Bakowski's photography equipment was discovered in late March by two other searchers at a different site that also had his provisions and clothing and appeared to be a makeshift shelter. In the months and years that followed, occasional searches would be made to find Bakowski's body, however none were successful. Some of the film that was recovered by the searchers in March 1911 would be processed and the images published.

During his lifetime, his postcard tended to be signed either B.B. Bakowski or Oregon Art Co.



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