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British Military Camps from the Boer War, South Africa

Photographs of British military camps from the Boer War in South Africa. (1)-(5) show groups of soldiers and nurses with tents in the background. (6) camp entrance with guard. (7)-(10) people working at the camp. (11) men sitting in field, possibly watching polo match. (12)-(15) men standing near tents. (16)-(17) blockhouse and buildings. (18)-(22) men training horses. (23)-(25) sports field, gymnastics demonstration, and a polo match.

CBC (Saskatoon). News clips. 15 May 1975 - 16 May 1975

  • FILM R-2162
  • Item
  • 1975-05-15 to 1975-05-16

News: (1) Report on the liberation of front line states in Africa (2) Scenes of spring in Saskatoon (3) Report about t-shirts with obscene writing on sale in Saskatoon (4) Report on how to get involved with City Council committees in Saskatoon (5) Profile on Anne Szumigalski and her poetry in Saskatoon. Can 1 of 2 - items 1 and 2. Can 2 of 2 - items 3 to 5.

CBKST (Television Station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

CBC. News clips. 1959

  • FILM S-1592
  • Item
  • 1959

(1) Unidentified Pope,
(2) Footage of Haiti.
(3) Mr. Coldwell in Grande Prairie and Brandon.
(4) Nikita Khrushchev in Finland.
(5) Replica of the Mayflower (ship) arrives in Massachusetts.
(6) United States President Dwight Eisenhower taken to hospital.
(7) Prime Minister John Diefenbaker (1895-1979) in his office in Ottawa.
(8) Canadian soldiers in the Congo(?).
(9) Minuteman missile launch at Cape Canaveral, Florida.
(11) Brendan Behan arrested in Toronto.
(12) Dog sledding and Inuvik footage.
(12) Gathering maple syrup.
(13) Various footage of Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965) with Franklin Roosevelt (1882-1945), Louis St-Laurent, William Lyon Mackenzie-King, etc.


CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.). News clips. 1968

  • FILM S-1771.2
  • Item
  • 1968

News: (1) Terry Higgins reports on construction of new Eatons Department Store. (2) Ghana High Commissioner visits CFQC-TV. (3) Testing of road asphalt conditions in Great Britain. (4) Otto Lang on cash advances for farmers. (5) British "Weedboat". (6) Mr. Gilbey's Labour Dy message. (7) Mr. Colborne on trade with Britain. (8) Carl McLeod on money bylaws. (9) Mr. Milne on sewage treatment plant. (10) Children in school room. (11) Elwood Hart on midway plans for 1969 exhibition. (12) Mrs. Gunn on nurses issue. (13) S. Theisen on cattle marketing. (14) Air Canada cargo airplane. (15) Glen Penner on education standards. (16) Saskatoon Board of Trade members board airplane. (17) Shooting at 1426 Ave. G. in Saskatoon. (18) Paraplegic Safe Driving Roadeo; driving skill test. (19) Gus Bandet on walkathon. (20) Mr. Milne and George Taylor on sewage treatment plant service charges. (21) "Frosh Week" activities and antics at University of Saskatchewan. (22) P. Saum on harvesting. (23) Bert Salloum on # of tourist booth visits. (24) United Appeal meeting. (25) British poodle dryer. (26) G. Sneyd on housing. (27) S. Thiessen on grain handling inquiry. (28) "Frosh Queen " beauty pageant at University of Saskatchewan. (29) Mr. Merryfield on teachers issues. (30) Ms. Khan on indian rights. (31) Experimental aircraft flight. (32) Don Koyl on school board vacancy. (33) Clarence Estey on winter works program. (34) "Sparky" the dog (Dalmatian) arrives at airport. (35) Mr. Charlebois on resource development. (36) M. Caswell on unknown issue. (37) Terry Higgins reports on construction. (38) Eric Olson on student loans. (39) British car navigation system. (40) Book fair. (41) Roy Romanow on education. (42) J. Montgomery on Y.M.C.A. walkathon. (43) Flame lighting ceremonies in Watrous and Young. (44) P. Saum on crop conditions. (45) Mrs. Keith on temperance. (46) United appeal fundraising. (47) Photographers convention. (48) Children at nursery school. (49) Tom Quigley on recreational facilities study. (50) British garbage reducer. (51) Mr. Krolick and Gus Bell on the United Appeal. (52) Mr. Chaudhari on agriculture in India.

CFQC (Television station : Saskatoon, Sask.)

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