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Political parties

Canadian Alliance Party

  • Corporate body
  • 2000-2003

In January 2000, the Reform Party of Canada undertook a project to establish a national coalition of conservative and centre-right to right-wing voices under a single political party banner. The results of this project was a new constitution and a new party named the Canadian Alliance. On October 27 2003, the Canadian Alliance announced an agreement in principle to merge with the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada to form the Conservative Party of Canada; the merger was ratified in December 2003.

Co-operative Commonwealth Federation

  • PA 594
  • Corporate body
  • 1932-1961

Established in 1932. Its unofficial name in French was Commonwealth coopératif fédéré. In 1961, an alliance with the Canadian Labour Congress led to the formation of New Democratic Party.

Liberal Party of Canada

  • Corporate body
  • 1861-

Name of the National Liberal Federation of Canada changed in 1964 to the Liberal Federation of Canada, and the name changed again in 1970 to Liberal Party of Canada.

New Democratic Party of Canada

  • PA 593
  • Corporate body
  • 1961-

Following an alliance between the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation and the Canadian Labour Congress, the New Democratic Party was formed in 1961. Although the party has yet to form a governing party on its own, the party has been a key participant in several minority governments in addition to its role in opposition of holding presiding governments to account.

Leaders of the party have included Tommy Douglas, David Lewis, Ed Broadbent, Audrey McLaughlin, Alexa McDonough, Jack Layton, Thomas Mulcaire, and Jagmeet Singh.