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Lieutenant-Governors - North-West Territories

Cameron, Malcolm Colin, 1832-1898

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  • Person
  • 1832-1898

Malcolm Colin Cameron was born on April 12, 1832 in Perth, Upper Canada (Ontario). Cameron attended Knox Collegiate in Toronto and studied law in Renfrew. In 1855, Cameron moved to Goderich, where he practiced law and later served as a councilor, reeve and mayor. He was called to the bar of Upper Canada in 1860 and appointed Queen's Counsel on March 11, 1876.

Cameron served as a Liberal Member of Parliament for South Huron and West Huron from 1867 until 1898 (not inclusive). He was appointed lieutenant governor of the North-West Territories effective May 30, 1898 on the advice of Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier. The appointment was made by the Earl of Aberdeen, Governor General of Canada. During his term, Cameron resided at Government House in Regina. Cameron died in London, Ontario on September 26, 1898 while en route from Regina to Goderich. He was buried in Maitland Cemetery in Goderich.

Cameron married Janet (Jessie) Hiddneston McLean on May 30, 1855. The Camerons had two sons and five daughters.

Forget, Amédée E., 1847-1923

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  • Person
  • 1847-1923

Amédéé Emmanuel Forget was born on November 12, 1847 in Marieville, Lower Canada (now Québec) to Jérémie and Marie (Guenette) Forget. One of four children, he was educated at the village school in Marieville, the School of Military Instruction of Québec and the College de Marieville. After being called to the Lower Canada (Québec) Bar in 1871, Forget practiced law in St. Hyacinthe, Québec and served as Secretary to the Council of the Bar of Québec.

Forget's career as a federal civil servant began in 1875, when he was appointed secretary of the Métis Commission in Manitoba. Positions Forget subsequently held included Clerk of the North-West Council and Private Secretary to David Laird, the Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Territories (1876-1888); Assistant Indian Commissioner for Manitoba and the North-West Territories (1888-1895) and Indian Commissioner for Manitoba and the North-West Territories (1895-1898). He also served on the Council of Public Instruction of the North-West Territories (1893-1895). Forget was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of the North-West Territories in 1898 and was reappointed in 1904. On September 1, 1905, he became the first Lieutenant-Governor of the newly created province of Saskatchewan. Forget served in that position in Regina until 1910, when he moved to Banff, Alberta. In 1911 Forget was appointed to the Senate of Canada, where he continued to serve until his death in Ottawa, Ontario on June 8, 1923.

The Town of Forget, Saskatchewan; Forget Street in Regina and the Forget Chapter of the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire in Regina were named in honour of Forget.

Forget married Henriette Drolet in Montreal on October 17, 1876. The Forgets did not have any children.