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Saskatchewan - Political parties

New Democratic Party of Saskatchewan

  • PA 592
  • Corporate body
  • 1961-

The New Democratic Party (NDP) was formed at the national-level in 1961, from a coalition of the Co-operative Commonwealth Federation (CCF) and the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC). The Saskatchewan section of the party initially went by the name Co-operative Commonwealth Federation, Saskatchewan Section of the New Democratic Party (NDP-CCF) but eventually adopted the NDP title, around 1967. Party leaders have included: Woodrow S. Lloyd, 1961-1970 (Premier 1961-1964); Allan Blakeney, 1970-1987 (Premier 1971-1982); Roy Romanow, 1987-2001 (Premier 1991-2001); Lorne Calvert, 2001-2009 (Premier 2001-2007); and Dwain Lingenfelter (2009-2011).

The Saskatchewan NDP is governed though an Annual Provincial Convention, made up of delegates that include: designated individuals from each Provincial Constituency; members of the Provincial Council; Members of Parliament (MPs) from Saskatchewan; Members of the Legislative Assembly of Saskatchewan (MLAs); candidates nominated for provincial or federal constituencies; representatives from various affiliated organizations; executive members of the Saskatchewan Young New Democrats (SYND); members from Saskatchewan New Democratic Women (SNDW), Indigenous New Democrats of Saskatchewan, as well as other groups and/or committees; and all former leaders of the Saskatchewan NDP. The Provincial Convention is responsible for: receiving and passing audited financial statements; holding a review vote of the current leader; electing new officers (Leader, President, Vice-Presidents, Treasurer) to the Provincial Executive; receiving and deciding on whether to pass resolutions pertaining to the organization and program of the Party; and amending the party Constitution.

The Provincial Executive is composed of officers elected by the Provincial Convention and additional Members At Large, as well as representatives from the MLAs, SYND, SNDW, Indigenous New Democrats of Saskatchewan, and other groups and/or committees. The Provincial Council consists of members of the Provincial Executive, along with additional representatives from each Provincial Constituency and various other groups and committees. The Provincial Council serves as the governing body of the Party between Conventions.

At a local level, each electoral district in Saskatchewan has a NDP Provincial Constituency Association, which may combine with others to coordinate their efforts, as a regional or metro organization. Provincial Constituency Associations can set up their own committees, as well as clubs or organizations within their boundaries for social, political or educational purposes, or to further the work of the Saskatchewan Young New Democrats, the Saskatchewan New Democratic Women, or the Indigenous People's Section.