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Architectural firms

Abugov Kaspar (firm)

  • Corporate body
  • 1989-

Partnership of Bruce Abugov and Frank Kaspar that began in 1989.

BLM Architects Ltd.

  • Corporate body
  • 1976-1996

BLM Architects Ltd. developed out of the partnership of H. K. (Ken) Black (1912-1993), Harry Larson (1923-1969), and Ken McMillan (1927-2009) that was known as Black, Larson, McMillan & Partners until H. K. Black retired in 1976. BLM merged in 1996 with Ellard Croft [possibly subsequently known as McMillan, Lerhrer, Ellard, Croft Architects]; staff included Grant Ross Cumbers (1919-2008).

Black, Henry Kenneth, 1912-1993

  • Person
  • 1912-1993

Henry Kenneth (Ken) Black was born on May 19, 1912 as the first child to Henry Black (1875-1960) and Jennie Lenore Barker (1882-1950). Beginning in 1931, Black began to study architecture at the University of Toronto, where he would also played basketball and tennis. In 1934, he returned to Regina for a summer position with the architectural firm of Storey and Van Egmond. Upon his graduation from university (with a B.Arch. with Engineering option) in 1935 he moved to Swift Current where he worked as a construction engineer for the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA). Black returned to Toronto in 1937 and took a position with the firm Chapman and Oxley, and later in 1939 formed a partnership with John B. Parkin. Returning to Regina in 1941, Black enlisted in the armed forces where he served as a Base Planning Officer in Ottawa. In January 1946, he once again returned to Regina and established his own firm under the name H. K. Black Architect and Engineer, specializing in schools and hospitals. In 1957 Black formed a partnership with Harry Larson (1923-1969),and Ken McMillan (1927-2009), the firm would last until Black's retirement in 1975 at which time it became known as BLM Architects Ltd.

In addition to his architectural design activities, Black served as president of the Regina Chamber of Commerce, and on the boards of the United Appeal, Saskatchewan Roughriders, and the Regina YMCA.

Black married Rhoda Jones (1913-1986) on September 17, 1946 and together they had three children: Walter, Kenneth, and Donald. Black passed away on July 4, 1993.

Black, Larson, McMillan & Partners

  • Corporate body
  • 1957-1975

Partnership formed in 1957 of Henry Kenneth Black (1912-1993), Ken McMillan, and Harry Larson (1923-1969).

Portnall, Francis Henry, 1886-1976

  • Person
  • 1886-1976

Francis Henry Portnall was born on the Isle of Wight, England on May 3, 1886. In 1901 he was hired at the architectural firm of William A. Pite in London. Portnall proceeded to article with Pite and Balfour between 1901 and 1905 and then moved to Carlisle, England where he worked as an assistant to James H. Martin dale. In 1906 he emigrated to Canada, settling in Winnipeg, Manitoba where he worked for the firm of Darling and Pearson and was soon sent to Regina to supervise their project for the Knox Metropolitan Church. Upon his return to Winnipeg, he left Darling and Pearson to work for the Winnipeg School Board as an assistant to their chief architect James B. Bitchell. In 1908, Portnall moved to Regina where he first joined the firm of Clemesha and Coltman, and then formed a partnership with Frederick C. Clemesha and established their own firm in 1913. He enlisted in the Canadian Expeditionary Force for World War One, serving with the 10th Brigade Machine Gun Company from 1915 to 1918. Upon his return to Regina, he continued his partnership with Clemesha until 1922 whereupon he established his own business with a focus on the design of educational, ecclesiastical and residential buildings. In 1945 he formed a partnership with Daniel H. Stock, which lasted until 1951, and he began a working relationship with E. Hendrick Grolle.

Portnall died in Regina on September 13, 1976.

ZGA Architects and Planners, Chartered

  • Corporate body
  • 1976-

Company was founded in 1973 by Thomas Zabala and Alan Gitzow; in 1976 they were joined by Arthur Albanese thus forming ZGA. In 2001 Michael Simmonds and Steven Turney became partners in the firm. Founding partners Alan Giltzow, Arthur Albanese, and Thomas Zabala retired from active practice in 2002, 2010, and 2012 respectively.