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Bradbrooke, Charles Alfred (Major)

Bradbrooke, Charles Alfred (Major), 1873-1948

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  • 1873-1948

Charles Alfred Bradbrooke was born in Bethnal Green, Middlesex County, England on May 22, 1873. His mother was Emma Bletchley Bucks.

In 1889, Bradbrooke sailed from England to Nova Scotia, Canada where he worked until he migrated west to Saskatchewan in 1890. He worked in the Buchanan and Yorkton areas until 1898 when he returned to England to join the military. On January 12, 1899 Bradbrooke officially enlisted in the 1st Battalion of the Oxfordshire Light Infantry. He was deployed to South Africa on his first assignment and served there during the second Anglo-Boer War until 1902. After his service ended in South Africa, he transferred to the Imperial Army and served in Aden and India where he managed military dairy farms until circa 1906.

In 1907 Bradbrooke returned to Nova Scotia. He worked as a physical education instructor at Acadia University for two years. By 1911, he had returned to the Yorkton district in Saskatchewan where he worked until the Great War. Bradbrooke enlisted in the army as a private, served overseas and was wounded in action. At the end of the war, Bradbrooke returned to Canada with the rank of Major. He farmed near Madge Lake until 1922 when he served as an Indian Agent at Kamsack, Saskatchewan.

Bradbrooke was active in the Masons (1906 - 1948); the public and high school boards in Kamsack; the Canadian Legion and the Holy Trinity Church in Kamsack. He was passionate about education and about veterans' rights. He was also an avid sportsman and cricket player. In 1912, his Yorkton Saskatchewan cricket team defeated a touring Australian cricket team.

Bradbrooke was the recipient of the Silver Jubilee Medal (1935) and the Coronation Medal in recognition of his work with the Canadian Legion.

Bradbrooke died in Kamsack, Saskatchewan on June 7, 1948 at the age of 75 years.

In 1911 Bradbrooke married Emma Irons. She died in January of 1932. They had three sons and one daughter.

On October 2, 1932 Bradbrooke married Alice Sylvia Burt in Benito, Manitoba. They had four sons.