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Yankee Ridge Community Club, 1921-[1991?]

  • PA 459
  • Corporate body
  • 1921-1991

In 1921, four ladies residing in the Yankee Ridge School District No. 1377, near Wilcox, Saskatchewan, got together and decided to establish a club for companionship, socialization and charitable work. The four founding members were Mrs. Cabeen; Mrs. Coons; Mrs. A.J. O'Byrne and Mrs. Travilla. The club was originally known as O.A.O. (One Afternoon Out) but as more members joined and the activities centered on the school, the name was changed to Yankee Ridge Community Club. The Yankee Ridge School, established in 1905, was supposedly named after a ridge of land in the area and the first settlers, who were American or "Yankees".

Members of the Club performed charity work and sponsored various social activities, many of which were held in the one room school. Club activities included hosting dances, bridal showers and summer picnics; sending cards and floral bouquets to ill and bereaved individuals and families; serving lunches at farm auctions; holding bake sales and donating clothes, food, and money to various organizations. Club officers, elected at the annual meeting, included a president; vice-president; secretary; and treasurer. Membership was limited to twenty-five members. Members in the Club for twenty-five years were designated honorary members. The Club appears to have dissolved around 1991.

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