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Bandur, Beverly Joseph, 1913-1994

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  • 1913-1994

Beverly Joseph Bandur was born on a farm near Broderick, Saskatchewan in 1913. In 1937 he performed on radio station CKTB in St. Catharines, Ontario, and followed this with appearances on the Red River Barn Dance Show on CBC Winnipeg, a vaudeville tour across the country, the Old Time Radio Program on CJRM in Regina, and a Grey Cup Special in 1948. He moved to Calgary in 1945 where he concurrently pursued his musical career, worked at Cominco for thrity-one (31) years, and operated the Glenmore Dance Hall. In his spare time, Bandur built guitars and repaired musical instruments.

He died on October 27, 1994 in Calgary, Alberta.

Hanbidge, Robert Leith, 1891-1974

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  • 1891-1974

Member of the Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly for constituency of Kerrobert from 1929 to 1934. Member of the House of Commons for Kindersley from 1958 to 1963. Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan from March 1, 1963 to February 1, 1970.

Rousseau, Paul, 1929-2001

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  • 1929-2001

Paul Emile Lucien Rousseau was born on December 20, 1929 in Fort Frances, Ontario to Lucien Rousseau and Laura Comeau. He received his primary and secondary education in Fort Frances.

Rousseau worked at a car dealership in Fort Frances before moving to Melville, Saskatchewan in 1958. He operated Melville Motors until 1960, when he moved to Regina. Rousseau operated Neil Motors (1960-1968) and Crestview Chrysler (1969-1977) in Regina and was active in the local community, serving as a member of the boards of the United Way, YWCA and Globe Theatre.

Rousseau's political career began in 1975, when he ran unsuccessfully in the Regina South constituency. Rousseau was first elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1978 and served as a Progressive Conservative MLA for the Regina South constituency until 1986. In 1979, he ran unsuccessfully for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative Party.

Rousseau served in the Grant Devine Government as Minister of Industry and Commerce (1982-1983); Minister of Economic Development and Trade (1983) and Minister of Revenue and Financial Services (1983-1985). Rousseau was Minister Responsible for Crown Investments Corporation (1982-1983); Saskatchewan Government Insurance (1982-1985); Saskatchewan Economic Development Corporation (1982-1983); Saskatchewan Development Fund (1983-1985); Board of Revenue Commissioners (1983-1985); Public Service Superannuation Board (1983-1985) and Public Service Superannuation Plan (1983-1985).

Rousseau's cabinet appointments were discontinued on December 16, 1985 when Premier Devine shuffled his Cabinet and reduced the number of ministers. Rousseau resigned his seat in the Legislature in March, 1986 and Jack Klein (Progressive Conservative) became MLA for Regina South in November, 1986. On June 1, 1986, Rousseau was appointed Agent General for Saskatchewan in London, England and held the position until 1991, when he returned to Regina and retired from political life.

Rousseau died on October 8, 2001 in Regina.

Paul Rousseau married Janine Ducharme on April 5, 1952. They had five children: Johanne, Pauline, Lyse, Marie and Michele.

Koskie, Murray, 1929-2004

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  • 1929-2004

Murray James Koskie was born on November 5, 1929 in Sinnet, Saskatchewan to Frank and Mary Koskie. Raised on the family farm, Koskie attended Humboldt Collegiate and earned Bachelor of Education and Law degrees from the University of Saskatchewan.

Prior to his entry into provincial politics, Koskie worked as a mathematics and science teacher and school principal and practiced law in Humboldt, Regina and the Yukon.

Koskie ran unsuccessfully in the Regina South West constituency in the 1967 provincial general election. Koskie was first elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1975 and served as a New Democratic Party (NDP) MLA for Quill Lakes constituency until 1995. Koskie served in the Allan Blakeney Government as Minister of Social Services (1979-1980); Minister of Consumer Affairs (1980-1981); and Minister of Consumer and Commercial Affairs (1981-1982). He was Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Computer Utility Corporation (1979-1982); Saskatchewan Securities Commission (1980-1982); Provincial Mediation Board (1980-1982); Office of the Rentalsman (1980-1982); and Rent Appeal Commission (1980-1982). He was a member of Treasury Board (1979-1982) and the Planning Committee (1980-1982).

After the NDP Government was defeated in 1982, Koskie served as Opposition whip and caucus critic for Justice and Rural Affairs until the NDP returned to power in 1991. Koskie served in the Roy Romanow Government from 1992 to 1993 as Minister of Highways and Transportation and Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Transportation Company; Saskatchewan Grain Car Corporation; and Highway Traffic Board.

Koskie resigned from Cabinet on June 4, 1993 and vacated his seat in the Legislature on March 10, 1995. After leaving politics, Koskie resided in Muenster until his death in Humboldt on March 14, 2004.

Koskie married Shirley Ann Hugill on June 24, 1961. They had three children: Maury, Douglas and Lisa.

Hardy, Neal, 1934-

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  • 1934-

Neal Herbert Hardy was born in on September 21, 1934 in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan to George and Clara Robinson. He received his primary and secondary education in Hudson Bay. Hardy worked for the Canadian National Railway as a yardman, yardmaster and foreman from 1953 to 1970. He also owned and operated a farm and several businesses, including a tire shop, hardware store, service stations and a grocery store. From 1976 to 1982, he was the Reeve of the Rural Municipality of Hudson Bay No. 394. Hardy was also President of the Hudson Bay Chamber of Commerce, Chairman of the Hudson Bay Rural Development Corporation, and a member of the Elks Lodge.

Hardy was first elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature on November 26, 1980 and served as a Progressive Conservative MLA for the Kelsey-Tisdale constituency until 1991. Hardy served in the Grant Devine Government as Minister of the Environment (1982-1985); Minister of Parks and Renewable Resources (1983); Minister of Co-operation and Co-operative Development (1985-1986) and Minister of Rural Development (1985-1991).

Hardy was also Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Housing Corporation (1982-1989); Saskatchewan Forest Products Corporation (1982-1985); Saskatchewan Water Supply Board (1982-1983); Water Appeal Board (1984-1985); Board of Examiners (1985-1991); Municipal Employees Superannuation Commission (1985-1987); Saskatchewan Water Corporation (1986-1991); Legislative Review Committee (1986-1989); Saskatchewan Crop Insurance Corporation (1986-1991); Saskatchewan Lands Appeal Board (1988-1991) and Order in Council Review Committee (1989-1991).

Hardy lost his seat in the 1991 provincial general election to Andy Renaud (NDP). In 1995, Hardy returned to the Hudson Bay Rural Municipality No. 394 as a councillor and served as Vice-President of the Saskatchewan Association of Rural Municipalities (SARM) from 1995 to 2002.

Hardy currently (2006) resides in Hudson Bay. He is President of SARM and continues to serve as councillor for Hudson Bay R.M.

Neal Hardy married Darlene Rose Lundy on December 19, 1954. They have four children: Mervin, Lynda, Donald, and Donna.

Goulet, Keith, 1946-

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  • 1946-

Keith Napoleon Goulet was born on April 3, 1946 in Cumberland House, Saskatchewan to Arthur Goulet and Veronique Carriere. He is one of eleven children. Goulet attended Charlebois School in Cumberland House and Riverside Collegiate in Prince Albert. After attending teacher's college in Ontario, he earned a Bachelor of Education degree in 1974 from the University of Saskatchewan and a Master of Education degree in 1986 from the University of Regina.

Prior to entering provincial politics, Goulet worked as an elementary school teacher, sessional lecturer at the University of Saskatchewan and Cree language consultant. He was also a Northern Teacher Education Program (NORTEP) developer, principal of La Ronge Community College and executive director of the Gabriel Dumont Institute of Metis Studies and Applied Research.

Goulet was first elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1986 as a New Democratic Party (NDP) MLA for the Cumberland constituency. He was re-elected in 1991, 1995 and 1999. The first Metis Cabinet Minister in Saskatchewan, Goulet served in the Romanow Cabinet as Provincial Secretary (1992-1993); Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Government Insurance (1992-1995); Associate Minister of Education (1993); Associate Minister of Education, Training and Employment (1993-1995); Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Computer Utility Corporation (1995); Minister of Northern Affairs (1995-2001); and Minister Responsible for the Office of Northern Affairs (1995-2001).

Goulet retired from Cabinet on October 12, 2001 and vacated his seat in the Legislature in 2003. Joan Beatty (NDP) became MLA for Cumberland constituency on November 5, 2003.

Goulet currently (2006) resides in Regina.

Goulet married Linda May Hemingway on August 31, 1974. They have two children: Koonu and Danis.

McLeod, George Malcolm, 1946-

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  • 1946-

George Malcolm McLeod was born on January 5, 1946 in Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan to Stanley Malcolm McLeod and Lena Rose Code. He received his primary and secondary education in Meadow Lake and earned a Bachelor of Education degree in History and Physical Education from the University of Saskatchewan (Regina Campus) in 1969.

McLeod was a teacher in the Meadow Lake School Unit from 1970 to 1972. He became Vice-Principal of Jonas Samson Junior High School in Meadow Lake in 1972 and served as Principal from 1974 to 1982. McLeod sat on the Meadow Lake Town Council from 1973 to1977 and was a founding member of the Meadow Lake Recreation Association.

McLeod was first elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1978 and served as a Progressive Conservative MLA for the Meadow Lake constituency until 1991. McLeod served in the Grant Devine Government as Minister of Tourism and Renewable Resources (1982-1983); Minister of Northern Saskatchewan (1982-1984); Minister of Tourism and Small Business (1983); Minister of Supply and Services (1983-1985); Minister of Advanced Education and Manpower (1985-1986); and Minister of Health (1986-1991).

McLeod was Minister Responsible for Saskatchewan Fur Marketing Service (1982-1983); Public Service Commission (1983-1985); Liquor Board (1983-1986); Liquor Licensing Commission (1983-1986); Saskatchewan Government Printing Company (1983-1985); Northern Affairs Secretariat (1984-1985); Saskatchewan Forest Products Corporation (1985-1991); Saskatchewan Archives Board (1985-1986); Advanced Technical Training Centre of Saskatchewan Corporation (1985-1986); Saskatchewan Research Council (1985-1986); Saskatchewan Medical Care Insurance Commission (1986-1987); Saskatchewan Cancer Foundation (1986-1991); Saskatchewan Alcohol and Drug Abuse Commission (1986-1989, 1990-1991); Saskatchewan Health Research Board (1987-1989, 1990-1991); Saskatchewan Power Corporation (1989-1991); and Saskatchewan Transportation Company (1989-1991).

McLeod lost his seat in the 1991 provincial general election to Maynard Sonntag (NDP).

McLeod currently (2006) resides at Kimball Lake, Saskatchewan.

George McLeod married Karen Bird on July 17, 1971. They have two children: Natasha and Trevor.

Bloudoff, Peter Alexavitch, 1886-1946

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  • 1886-1946

Peter Alexavitch Bloudoff, son of Alec Bloudoff, was born at Bashkichet, Georgia, Russia on July 12, 1886. His mother died when he was a young boy. He emigrated from Russia in January, 1889 as part of the first group of Doukhobors from Russia to arrive in Canada. He subsequently settled in the Doukhobor communal village of Kamenka, North-West Territories, which was part of the North (Swan River) colony. After the village of Kamenka disorganized, Bloudoff was granted title to land at NE 22-33-31 W1 on February 26, 1915.

In addition to homesteading, Bloudoff was employed as a salesman for merchants in Pelly, Saskatchewan including Campbell Bros., a Ford dealership, and as a foreman for the Saskatchewan Department of Highways. He also served as Reeve for St. Philips Rural Municipality No. 301 for the periods 1922 to 1928 and 1930 to 1934. Bloudoff's hobbies included photography, taking photos primarily of family, fellow Doukhobors and the Arran community; beekeeping; woodworking and wool spinning.

Bloudoff married Fanny Makieff and together they had five children: Mike; George; Nellie; Peter Jr. and Fred. Peter Bloudoff died in 1946.

Allen, Bill James Gilbert, 1946-

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  • 1946-

William James Gilbert (Bill) Allen was born in Regina, Saskatchewan on August 12, 1946 to Alfred B. Allen and Delores M. Holmes. Allen received his early education at Holy Rosary and St. James Schools in Regina, and attended St. Peter's College in Muenster. He graduated from the University of Saskatchewan (Regina) with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

First elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature as a New Democratic Party (NDP) Member representing Regina-Rosemont constituency in the June 1975 General Election, Allen was re-elected in that constituency in October 1978. He was defeated by Gordon Dirks in the April 1982 General Election, but remained active in politics. Allen served as President of the NDP from 1995-2000. He co-chaired the Platform Committee for the September 1999 General Election and chaired the Leadership Committee in 2001.

After leaving public life, Allen worked as a teacher at Riffel and Archbishop M.C. O'Neill High Schools.

Bill Allen married Carolyn Ruth on November 11, 1967. They had two children: Michael Padraic Joseph and Kelsey Maureen.

Allen currently (2005) resides in Regina.

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