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Meakes, David, 1922-2019

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  • 1922-2019

David Meakes was born in 1922 to James and Elsie Meakes on the family farm near Lestock, SK. He had a brother Frank. He fought in WWII and later moved to the United States where he practiced his profession of podiatry. He wrote about his war experiences in his book "Perspective: The Golden Rule", and spent time in his retirement doing family history research. He has a son, Michael, and a wife Olga (married 1998). David Meakes died in Meza, Arizona on July 1, 2019.

West's Studio Ltd., 1918-1986

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  • 1918-1986

Following his service in the Canadian Army during the Great War, Wilfred Lawson West (1896-1970) returned to Regina, Saskatchewan and purchased the Johnson Brothers photographic studio where he had apprenticed in 1912. He renamed the studio West's Photo Ltd. Wilfred West retired in March, 1955 and sold his business to his brother, Horace, who had worked as a photographer at West's Studio intermittently throughout the 1920s and 1930s. Horace Gordon (Westy) West (1911-1995) continued ownership of West's Studio until his retirement in 1981, when his son Michael (Mick) West (born 1947) assumed ownership. Mick West, who had been employed with West's Studio since 1968, continued its operation until its closure in 1986.

Throughout its history, photographic works of West's Studio Ltd. included portraits of prominent politicians to local families, images capturing infrastructure, commerce, industry, as well as scenes of social, cultural and recreational life in Regina.

Beck, Marion, 1931-2020

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  • 1931-

Marion Beck was born in Rossendale, Lancashire, England on June 27, 1931, to Frederick Bruce Teal and Madge (Levell) Teal. After winning a scholarship, she went directly from grammar school to Leeds University to study geography from 1949 to 1953. She also obtained a teaching certificate, taught for a short time and began writing poetry.

Marion married fellow Leeds student Les Beck in 1956 and a short time later emigrated to Canada, living first in Regina, and in the early 1960s in Uranium City, where Les worked as resident geologist for the Department of Mineral Resources. Marion and Les and their three sons returned to Regina in 1966, a fourth son later joined the family.

Marion became involved with advocacy work for autism after learning their son was autistic. She became the first president of the Regina Society for Autistic Children in 1972 and also served as president of the Canadian Society for Autistic Children in 1977. She wrote numerous articles about autism, and in 1978 published a book about her experiences coming to terms with an autistic child, The Exorcism of an Albatross. She also began writing poetry again, with her first poem, Tourist Trap, published in 1980 in Alberta Poetry Yearbook.

Many of Beck's poems have been published in a number of literary magazines, such as Wascana Review and Green's Magazine, and other poems have been presented on the radio (such as on CBCs radio program Ambience). She has written a number of chapbooks including Notebook of an Immigrant (1983), Counting the Threads: A Poem for a Narrator and One Past, One Present Voice (1985), Poems for Amazons (1995), Trench in the Rockies: A Poetic Ecotour (2000), and Dry: Is the Long Term Forecast (2002).

During the 1980s, Beck worked for the Saskatchewan Writer's Guild as well as Grain Magazine (poetry editor), served on the City of Regina's Arts Commission, and in 1981 she was president of the Wascana Writer's Group. She was an active member of the Regina Council of Women, serving as its President in the mid-1980s, and also wrote a history for this organization entitled: Some of Ishbel's Ladies: The Founding of the Regina Cottage Hospital. In the late 1980s she represented the Provincial Council of Women on the University of Regina Senate.

In 1991 Beck won the Short Grain Prose Poem Competition, and in 1995 and 1996 won the People's Poetry Competitions. She has judged the Milton Acorn Peoples Poetry Book Award. She was a member of the Literary Networks Poetry Panel, and was twice a winner in the Political Poetry Contest, a competition run by the magazine.

Marion Beck died in Regina on June 1, 2020.

Rogers, Lloyd, 1934-

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  • 1934-2021

Lloyd Rogers was born on July 28, 1934 in Minnedosa, Manitoba. Lloyd and his wife Mary came to Regina, Saskatchewan in about 1965 to build the Mid Town Centre (later known as the Galleria) on 11th Avenue in downtown Regina. He then began operating Lloyd Realty, with his speciality of commercial/industrial properties, with a focus on Emerald Park and Ross Industrial Park. Rogers was member of Society of Industrial Office Realtors, Building Owners Management Association, Energy Management Task Force (Canada); he also served as chair of the Regina Chamber of Commerce. Lloyd Rogers died on November 8, 2021 in Regina.

Sexton, Kenneth Graham

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  • July 29, 1928 to July 25, 2019

Kenneth Sexton was born on July 29, 1928. He grew up in Toronto and came to Western Canada in his early 20s. He married Bette and they had two children. He became manager of Bird Construction in Regina before founding Kenroc Building Materials Co. Ltd. in 1967, one of the first suppliers of drywall in the City. Sexton was involved in a number of charitable initiatives, and helped create the Hospital Art Foundation. Ken Sexton died on July 25, 2019 in Regina.

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