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United States. Department of Agriculture

  • Primary Agency
  • 1862-

Established on May 15, 1862 as an independent Department to be headed by a commissioner without Cabinet status. Following lobbying efforts, the department was made as an executive department on February 15, 1889.

Alberta. Dept. of Education

  • Primary Agency
  • 1905-1999

After the province was founded in 1905, the Alberta Department of Education continued the Department of Education of the previous North-West Territories government which operated under the School Ordinance (North-West Territories Ordinances, 1901, c.29, s.1). In 1922, the Department of Education Act (R.S.A. 1922, c. 16) and the School Act (R.S.A. 1922, c. 51) repealed and superseded the School Ordinance.

The Department of Education was dissolved on May 27, 1999 by Order in Council 243/1999 under the authority of the Government Organization Act (S.A. 1994, c. G–8.5).

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