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Local Government

Wolseley (Sask.), 1898-

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  • Local Government
  • 1898-

The Town of Wolseley is an urban municipality in southeast Saskatchewan incorporated on October 20, 1898 according to the provisions of Ordinance No. 43 of 1898. The first municipal election was held on November 8, 1898. Located 100 kilometres east of Regina on the Trans-Canada Highway, Wolseley was named after Garnet Joseph Wolseley, a Canadian general involved in the Riel Rebellion. The town is located in the Rural Municipality of Wolseley No. 155.

The town is governed by a council consisting of a mayor and at least two councillors, each elected for a three year term. The goals of the council are to provide good government; provide necessary services and facilities for all or part of the municipality; develop and maintain a safe and viable community; and foster economic, social and environmental well-being. The council holds jurisdiction over police and fire protection; water and sewer utilities; parks and recreation; and waste management.

The council makes decisions and exercises its power through the passage of resolutions and by-laws. By-laws enforced by the council include those relating to building; wild and domestic animals; nuisances; transport and transportation systems; streets and roads; businesses and business activities; signs and zoning. Council is also responsible for the collection of revenues; issuing tax and assessment notices; administration of the operating and capital budgets and preparation of annual financial statements.

The Town of Wolseley is currently (2009) administered by a mayor; six councillors; an administrator and an assistant administrator. The administrator (previously known as the town clerk) oversees the day to day operations of the town; advises on policy and ensures council policies are carried out. Council meets every first and third Monday of each month. Current subcommittees of council include Protective Services (Police); Protective Services (Fire); Environmental Health; Finance and Government services; Recreation and Culture; Public Works and Water Utility; and Strategic Development.

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