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van Gorder, Constance Julia, 1923-2017

  • Personne
  • 1923-2017

Constance Julia van Gorder was born on January 20, 1923 in Regina. Her grandmother, Agnes Jackson, who had emigrated from England, ran a boarding house in Regina, and raised five children, the youngest being Julia's mother, Jesse. Jesse married Leon John van Gorder, who had served as a physical education trainer for the troops in World War One. After the war he joined the Saskatchewan Provincial Police as a detective. He died at 31 after collapsing while on the trail of a suspect.

Julia moved to Vancouver with her mother and sister in about 1940, where she studied social work and education at University of British Columbia (UBC) and Simon Fraser University (SFU). She lived in London for about a year, and married a philosophy professor in Oxford, England. Their first child, Stephen, was born there in 1953, and their daughter, Claire, was born after returning to Vancouver in 1958. Julia van Gorder returned to Simon Fraser University to pursue a Masters in Education, after which she worked as a high school counsellor and social worker, while also pursuing her writing career.

Julia van Gorder's novels include characters that represent the people of her past, including the Jackson and Duckworth families, and their lives from the turn of the century through World War Two. Her first novel Cyclone, was set in Regina in the first two decades of the 1900s. Her subsequent novels, all set in western Canada, cover homesteading in the twenties, the Great Depression in the thirties, Dieppe in the forties, family life in the fifties, peace movements in the sixties, Greenpeace, Hare Krishna, and the women's movement in the seventies and eighties, and mental illness in the nineties. Julia is widely published in literary journals.

Julia van Gorder died in Vancouver on October 6, 2017.

Regina Lyric Musical Theatre Inc., 1977-

  • PA 503
  • Collectivité
  • 1977-

An organizational meeting, struck by Patricia Knox, was held on October 12, 1977. The aim of this meeting was to gather individuals together who were interested in establishing a musical theatre society in Regina, Saskatchewan. Those present at the meeting were Patricia Knox, Keith Knox, Art Gardiner, Ann Hewat, Georgina Young and Christine Tiller. A general meeting was held on November 6, 1977, wherein the Regina Lyric Light Opera Society was established. The Society was incorporated under The Companies Act on December 12, 1977. The mandate of the Society was to promote the interests of light opera and musical comedy with special emphasis on Saskatchewan talent. The Society was modeled after the St. Matthew's Operatic Society and the Light Lyric Opera Society that were in existence between 1922 and 1951.

The first executive of the Society was comprised of Patricia Knox - president; Christine Tiller - vice-president; Greta Charlebois - secretary; Hal Tate - treasurer; and Jean Freeman, John Huston and Walter Kalyn - members-at-large. The executive approved a constitution in November 1977. Annual membership to the Society was set at four dollars per month.

The Society presented a variety night as its first event on February 6, 1978, at the Royal Canadian Legion auditorium. Its first major production was H.M.S. Pinafore, which was performed at Darke Hall in May 1978. Subsequently, the Society presented at least one major production each year, along with smaller revue-style shows and musical brunches at various venues in Regina.

The name of the Regina Lyric Light Opera Society was changed to Regina Lyric Musical Theatre Inc. in the Corporate Registry, Saskatchewan Justice on September 4, 2009. Currently (2021), Regina Lyric Musical Theatre Inc. continues as a non-profit, amateur theatre company. It receives funding through its membership fees, as well as private, government and corporate donations. Regina Lyric Musical Theatre presents one major production and a musical brunch each year at various venues in Regina. The Lyric Singers, an adult show choir, was established under Regina Lyric Musical Theatre's umbrella in 2012. Lead by its artistic director, Jane Ursan, it presents one show annually, with music from musical theatre, pop and vocal jazz genres.

University of Alberta. Students' Union

  • Collectivité

The Students' Union is comprised of students of the University of Alberta and its affiliated colleges and schools, including all societies, clubs, and associations established under the authority of the constitution of the Union. The University Chancellor, Senate, Board of Governors, faculty, and members of the Alumni Association are considered honorary members of the Students' Union. The Students' Union provides for the administration of the affairs of the students at the University, including development and management of student institutions and the promotion of the general welfare of students consistent with the purposes of the University. The Students' Council is the legislative, administrative, and executive body of the Union.

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