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Truax (Sask.), 1912-1970

  • LGA 43
  • Local Government
  • 1912-1970

The Village of Truax, Saskatchewan was an urban municipality incorporated on September 9, 1912. The town was originally to have been named Schuett after Joseph Schuett, one of the first homesteaders in the district, but was named Truax, after Reuben Truax of Ontario, a close friend of Martin Schuett Sr. The Village of Truax was located on the Canadian National Railway line between Moose Jaw and Radville.

The village was governed by an elected council that could hire staff to manage daily administration and maintain municipal services, such as roads, utilities and recreation facilities. The responsibilities of the council included enforcing bylaws; waste management; fire protection; maintaining public utilities, roads and streets; issuing tax and assessment notices, and collecting taxes and other fees.

The Village of Truax was governed originally by an overseer, councilors, and a secretary-treasurer. Later, the governance structure of Saskatchewan villages changed to include a mayor (formerly the overseer), councilors and a secretary-treasurer. In Truax, the first overseer was F.A. Bennett, and the first secretary-treasurer was Joseph Duck. In February 1923, a fire consumed the Municipal Office building in Truax, destroying many of the records for the village.

On December 31, 1970, the Village of Truax reverted to a hamlet and sometime before 2002 the hamlet was dissolved. The residents of the community came under the jurisdiction of Elmsthorpe Rural Municipality No. 100.

Trosley School District No. 4553, 1924-1944

  • LGA 3
  • Local Government
  • 1924-1944

On January 23, 1924, eleven resident ratepayers in the Eyre, Saskatchewan district met and voted in favour of the establishment of a school district. The first trustees elected were Samuel G. Smitherman, R.E. Tomlinson and A.J. Douglas, who was named secretary-treasurer. The Trosley School District No. 4553 was officially established on February 6, 1924.

The responsibilities of the Trosley school board included selecting and acquiring a school site and contracting the building of a school house; furnishing and maintaining the school, school grounds, buildings and equipment; engaging qualified teachers; providing books, globes, maps and other supplies to teachers and students; administering grants; settling disputes and maintaining school records and accounts.

A one room school, located at NW 9-25-28-W3, was opened in September, 1924 with seventeen enrolled students. Edith C. Rowles was the first teacher. The school was closed in June, 1942 due to the small student population. The duties and powers of the school board were revised when Trosley School District No. 4553 became part of the Kindersley School Unit No. 34 on January 1, 1945.

Tisdale (Sask), 1920-

  • Local Government
  • 1920-

Tisdale was incorporated as a town on November 1, 1920.

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