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Los Angeles (Calif.) Education

University of California, Los Angeles

  • Corporate body
  • 1919-

The California State Legislature enabled the establishment of a southern branch of California State Normal School in 1881, and it opened August 1882. In 1887, the branch became independent and changed its name to the Los Angeles State Normal School. School administrators began in 1917 to lobby the state to become a campus of the University of California, but encountered resistant from University of California alumni in the legislature and the president of the University (Benjamin Ida Wheeler.). Upon a new president of the university being hired in 1919 (David Prescott Barrows), the efforts became successful and in May 1919 a bill was signed into law that permitted the acquisition of land and buildings, and changed the LA Normal School to a southern branch of the University of California and started operating in September 1919. In February 1927 it changed its official name to University of California at Los Angeles and in 1958 to University of California, Los Angeles. From 1919 to 1951 the institution operated as an off-ste department of the University of California, with a presiding officer holding the title provost that reported to the main campus in Berkeley. After 1951, UCLA was given equal status with University of California, Berkeley and established a presiding officer that was designated chancellor.