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Saskatchewan. Dept. of Welfare

  • GA 137
  • Primary Agency
  • 1965-1972

The Department of Welfare was established on May 1, 1965 and repealed The Department of Social Welfare and Rehabilitation Act (S.S. 1949, c. 10). It provided for the department, its staff, departmental organization, powers and duties, and other miscellaneous provisions necessary for the proper conduct of the business of the department. At its establishment, the department was organized into eight branches: Staff Services; Public Assistance; Child Welfare; Housing and Special-care Homes; Corrections; Rehabilitation; Regional Services; and Emergency Welfare, along with the Bureau on Alcoholism. Programs and services were offered through a network of eleven regions in the province.

The Staff Services Branch provided administrative services for the department, including accounting, records management, procurement, legal services, human resources, research and planning.

The Public Assistance Branch provided programs to residents of the province who demonstrated financial need. Programs included social aid, aid to dependent families, old age assistance, disabled and blind persons' allowances, and deserted wives and children's assistance.

The protection and care of children in need was provided by the Child Welfare Branch. Programs offered included protection services, support to unmarried mothers, adoption services, foster care and institutional care for children not suitable for foster care.

The Housing and Special-care Homes Branch offered programs and residence for aged, needy and blind persons, as well as residence for low-income families throughout Saskatchewan.

The Corrections Branch administered correctional services to offenders through its three correctional centres, as well as rehabilitation, parole and probation services.

Vocational rehabilitation programs and services were offered to the province's disabled by the Rehabilitation Branch. The branch also administered academic and vocational training programs to Métis groups in the province.

The Regional Services Branch administered a network of ten regions that delivered public assistance, child welfare, vocational rehabilitation, corrections and geriatric programs and services throughout the province. Regional offices were located at Regina, Weyburn, Swift Current, Moose Jaw, Fort Qu'Appelle, Yorkton, Melfort, Saskatoon, Prince Albert, North Battleford and Meadow Lake.

The Emergency Welfare Services Branch oversaw programs and services that provided response and relief after natural and man-made disasters. The branch also made available mobile disaster assistance to other provinces and to the United States.

The Bureau on Alcoholism administered programs that offered education and treatment to persons afflicted with alcoholism. The Bureau also conducted research into alcoholism and its treatment. Responsibility for the Bureau was transferred to the Department of Public Health in November 1965.

In 1968, a major reorganization of the department took place, aimed at further decentralizing authority and responsibility of the department's programs and services. The department's internal administration was organized into five branches: Administration; Personnel; Staff Training; Information and Public Relations; and Research and Statistics. An Operations Division was established to deliver services offered by the department to residents of the province. The previous network of regional offices was maintained, with each lead by a regional director. As well, the province's correctional, child care, rehabilitation and geriatric centres were organized under the division. The Program Division was responsible for the assessment and modification of programs offered by the department. It consisted of a director and eight consultants specializing in program areas of the department.

The Department of Welfare was discontinued on May 12, 1972 with the establishment of the Department of Social Services.

Aberdeen (Sask.), 1988-

  • Local Government
  • 1988-

Aberdeen was proclaimed a Saskatchewan town on November 1, 1988. Aberdeen was previously organized as a village on March 13, 1907.

Preeceville (Sask.), 1912-1946

  • Local Government
  • 1912-1946

Incorporated as a village in 1912, subsequently incorporated as a town on November 30, 1946.

Ontario. Department of Lands, Forests and Mines

  • Primary Agency
  • 1906-1920

Succeeding the Department of Land and Mines, the Department of Lands, Forests and Mines was established on April 27, 1906. On June 4, 1920 the Department's Bureau of Mines changed to the Department of Mines, and the Department of Lands, Forests and Mines changed its name to Department of Lands and Forests.

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