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Qu'Appelle Valley Superintendency No. 27, 1974-1993?

  • LGA 58
  • Local Government
  • 1974-1993

Qu'Appelle Valley Superintendency No. 27 of Saskatchewan was created in 1974 to oversee the Grenfell Consolidated School District No. 150, Balcarres Consolidated School District No. 87, Wolseley Consolidated School District No. 25, Neudorf School District No. 392, and Lemberg School District No. 1752.

When the Education Act (SS 1978, c. 17) came into effect January 1, 1979, the Superintendency then covered Grenfell School Division No. 92, Balcarres School Division No. 87, Wolseley School Division No. 25, Valleyview School Division No. 116, Neudorf School Division No. 96, Lemberg School Division No. 106, and Peepeekisis Band No. 81.

In 1993, Scenic Valley School Division No. 117 was created encompassing the Divisions that had been Qu'Appelle Valley Superintendency No. 27, effectively replacing the Superintendency.

Saskatoon Forestry Farm Park and Zoo National Historic Site

  • Local Government
  • 1966-

In 1913 a tree nursery station and model farm opened in the community of Sutherland under the federal Department of the Interior, Forestry Branch. In addition to fields for the planting and harvesting of trees, the site included staff residences, tree packing and storage areas, a pumphouse for the irrigation system, a greenhouse, botanists’ research facility, a blacksmith shop, and a barn. When the Sutherland Forest Nursery Station was closed in 1966, a portion of the site was reopened as the Forestry Farm Park by the City of Saskatoon. In 1972 a zoo featuring indigenous animals opened adjacent to the old nursery station buildings. The site was designated a National Historic Site on Jun 22, 1990.

Allan (Sask.), 1965-

  • Local Government
  • 1965-

Allan was proclaimed as a Saskatchewan town on December 1, 1965. Allan was previously organized as a village on June 9, 1910.

Allan (Sask.), 1910-1965

  • Local Government
  • 1910-1965

Allan was organized as a Saskatchewan village on June 9, 1910. Allan was subsequently proclaimed a town on December 1, 1965.

Preeceville (Sask.), 1946-

  • Local Government
  • 1946-

Originally incorporated as a village in 1912, Preeceville was incorporated as a town on November 30, 1946.

Preeceville (Sask.), 1912-1946

  • Local Government
  • 1912-1946

Incorporated as a village in 1912, subsequently incorporated as a town on November 30, 1946.

Weyburn (Sask.), 1913-

  • Local Government
  • 1913-

The community of Weyburn was incorporated as a city on September 1, 1913.

Warman (Sask.), 1962-1966

  • Local Government
  • 1962-1966

Incorporated for second time as a village in 1962, subsequently incorporated as a town in 1966.

Dafoe (Sask.), 1920-2012

  • Local Government
  • 1920-2018

Dafoe incorporated as a village on May 28, 1920. On July 31, 2018, it reorganized as a special service area in the jurisdiction of Big Quill Rural Municipality.

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