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Local Government

Casavant School District No. 3127

  • SCAA-PAS-F518
  • Local Government
  • 1913-1973

In July 1913, a committee of ratepayers in the Vonda, Saskatchewan district petitioned the Department of Education for the formation of a school district. At a meeting held by the committee on August 11, 1913, 10 resident ratepayers voted in favor of the district; none was opposed. The trustees elected were Clotere Denis, Emile Casavant and W. Richard.

Casavant School District No. 3127 was officially established on September 22, 1913 in accordance with the provisions of the Schools Act. The responsibilities of the district board included selecting and acquiring a school site; contracting the building of the school; furnishing and maintaining the school and grounds, buildings and equipment; hiring qualified teachers; providing books, globes, maps and other supplies to students and teachers; administering grants; settling disputes and maintaining school records and accounts.

In December, 1913, the Board of Trustees borrowed $1800 to build and furnish a school house with a teachers' residence. The one room school house was located at NW 23-37-1-W3.

The duties and powers of the district board were revised when Casavant School District joined the Wakaw School Unit No. 48 in 1952. The rural school was closed in June, 1961. On September 1, 1961, Casavant School District was transferred to the Saskatoon (East) School Unit No. 41. Casavant and Dinelle's School District No. 1176 were consolidated to form the Casavant Central School Board, which administered a centralized school located in the hamlet of St. Denis.

On July 24, 1973, Casavant School District was disestablished and the lands from the Casavant district were consolidated with Vonda School District No. 1312 and Vonda Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 18.

Regina Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 81, 1979-

  • LGA 94
  • Local Government
  • 1979-

In 1979, the Graton Roman Catholic Separate School District No. 13 (established in 1899) and the Regina Roman Catholic Separate High School District (established January 1, 1965) were amalgamated to form the Regina Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 81. The Regina Catholic Separate School Division No. 81 is a publicly funded urban Catholic school division in Regina, Saskatchewan. The division currently (2021) administers 32 schools in the City of Regina, including 26 elementary schools, 4 high schools, 1 alternative school and 1 associate school. The division has an enrollment of 12, 000 students and employs 1,200 staff members . The division administers a $ 121 million operating budget.

The Division is managed by a Board of Trustees, currently consisting of seven members elected to four year terms as part of the civic election process. One Director of Education and seven senior administrators in various areas administer the daily operations of the division. The Archbishop of Regina is an honorary Board Chair. The division’s revenue comes mainly from grants, property taxation and other sources, including tuition, school fees, and other school generated funds. The head office is located at the Catholic Education Centre, Cameron Street, Regina.

Sun West School Division No. 207 of Saskatchewan, 2006-

  • LGA 93
  • Local Government
  • 2006-

On January 1, 2006, six public school divisions (Kindersley, Rosetown, Eston-Elrose, Outlook, Davidson and Biggar) were combined to form Sun West School Division No. 207 as part of the Government of Saskatchewan’s restructuring of rural school divisions. The Division covers an area in west-central Saskatchewan of approximately 31,252 square kilometres and includes schools in the communities of Kenaston, Marengo, Coleville, Kindersley, Eatonia, Eston, Elrose, Kyle, Lucky Lake, Beechy, Loreburn, Kinsmore, Outlook, Harris, D’Arcy, Plenty, Davidson, Rosetown, and Biggar. The division is currently (2021) one of 27 school divisions in the province and administers 42 schools, including Kindergarten to Grade 12 schools, elementary schools, a middle school, high schools and Hutterite colony schools. The division’s total student population as of the 2018-19 school year was 5219, with 713 full-time staff.

Sun West School Division is governed by an elected Board of Education consisting of a Chair and nine trustees who are not employees of the school division. The Board members serve four year terms. The Board’s duties and powers include administering and managing the educational affairs of the school division; exercising general supervision and control over the schools in the division; providing and maintaining school accommodations, equipment and facilities; and appointing and employing qualified teachers, principals and other staff. The Director of Education is chosen by and is responsible to the Board of Education and is supported by other senior administrators, including Superintendents of Education. The division receives funding primarily from property taxes; grants from the federal and provincial governments; tuition and related fees; and income interest. The division office is located in Rosetown.

King Edward School (Saskatoon, Sask.)

  • Local Government
  • 1904-1980

King Edward School in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was originally housed in a downtown building that was constructed in 1904. This building was demolished in 1956, but the school continued operations in another building until 1980 when it was closed following a fire in January 1979.

Warman (Sask.), 1906-1927

  • Local Government
  • 1906-1927

Incorporated as a village in 1906, but following population decline it reverted to hamlet status in 1927.

Coronach (Sask.), 1928-

  • Local Government
  • 1928-

Coronach was founded in 1926 and incorporated as a town in 1928.

Ridgedale (Sask.), 1921-

  • Local Government
  • 1921-

Incorporated as a village on December 15, 1921.

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