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Copithorne, Francis C., 1903-1962

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  • 1903-1962

Born in County Cork, Ireland in 1903, Frank Copithorne received his education in Waterford and Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland. He became a resident of Canada in 1926. While living in Vancouver, British Columbia, he joined Price, Waterhouse and Company. Later, Copithorne became control manager and general auditor of B.C. Electric and associated companies including B.C. Motor Transportation Limited. He held this position for eight years before moving to Saskatchewan in 1949. Until 1953, Copithorne was comptroller for the Saskatchewan Power Corporation, a position from which he resigned to become the general manager of the Saskatchewan Transportation Company. In 1956, he returned to the Saskatchewan Power Corporation as assistant general manager in charge of administration. He resigned his position two years later and returned to Vancouver. He and his wife, Amy, had two children, Robert and Judith. At the time of his accidental death in 1962, he was working as a chartered accountant.

While in Regina, Copithorne served as chairman and member of the Saskatchewan Industrial Development Fund Committee and the Provincial Natural Gas Committee. He was a governor of the Regina Orchestral Society and a member of both the Regina and Vancouver Art Gallery Associations.

Leonard Gillespie Bell Family, 1826-

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  • 1826-

Leonard Gillespie Bell Sr. was born in Armagh, Ireland in 1826 and immigrated to Canada from 1867. He lived for a time in Quebec and New Brunswick before he moved to Saskatchewan on July 12, 1882, where he homesteaded in the Qu'Appelle area on NW 1/4 4-18-14 W2.

Trained as a civil engineer, Bell worked on an engineering project in Regina between November 1896 and July 1897. Most of his efforts; however, were directed towards farming.

Commissioned by Bell Sr. in 1894 and completed in 1896, a stone house was built south of Qu'Appelle. The home, which came to be known as "The Gables" was designed by architect James Allen Macdonald, who at the time resided in Regina.

Bell Sr. and his wife, Sarah Louisa, had two children: Leonard Gillespie Jr. and Laura.

Bell Sr. died in 1911 while visiting his sisters in Armagh, Ireland. He was buried there.

Leonard G. Bell Jr. attended Nisbet Academy in Prince Albert and trained at the Agricultural College in Guelph, Ontario before returning to Qu'Appelle. When he married Florence Emily Tanner in 1905 they moved into "The Gables" and Mr. and Mrs. Bell Sr. moved into Qu'Appelle.

Bell Jr. and his wife Florence had at least one child, Benjamin Bell, who in 1940 married Cornelia Russell.

Laura Bell taught Sunday School during the 1890s, and married Fred Blakeney of Detroit, Michigan.

W.H.E. Schuette Family, 1885-

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  • 1885-

Wilhelm Henry Edward Schuette was born in 1885 in Staunton, Illinois. He moved to Canada in 1907 and settled in the Pense, Saskatchewan district, where he operated a farm. He owned the land on SW and NW 12-17-22-W2. Schuette applied for a homestead in the Norquay district (SW 32-35-31-W1) on July 30, 1914 but later cancelled his application.

Schuette and his wife, Ida May, had seven children: Witte, Juneeta, Florence, Edna, Julia and two children that died in infancy.

W.H.E. Schuette died on November 1, 1969. Ida May Schuette died on December 16, 1982. Witte Schuette died in 1980 and Florence Schuette died on July 31, 1993. They are all buried in Riverside Memorial Park in Regina.

William John James Family, 1870-

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  • 1870-

William John (W.J.) James was born on December 23, 1870 to William, Sr. and Maria James of the Fordwich area, Howick Township, Huron County, Ontario. His father was a blacksmith and carriage maker in Ontario, and first travelled west with the Wolseley Red River Expedition in 1870.

W. J. James came to Prince Albert, Northwest Territories ca.1890. His family followed around 1893. Both James and his father were employed by the James Sanderson sawmill as labourers. W.J. James became a barber while also establishing a photography business briefly with W.J. Jackson in 1894. James continued in barbering while also working as an itinerant photographer in the 1890s. He hired Theodore Charmbury as a photographer in his studio between 1901 and 1903, and operated a branch studio at Indian Head in 1904-1906. James operated the City Art Studio (1909-1919) and W.J. James & Co. (est.1927) in Prince Alberta until his retirement in the mid-1930s. James' professional career as an itinerant, commercial and portrait photographer spanned over forty years during which he travelled extensively in the Prince Albert district and northern parkland regions of Saskatchewan documenting settlement, local industry and everyday life.

W.J. James married Maude Rebecca Courtney, daughter of local rancher, Thomas W. and Matilda Courtney, on April 27, 1904 in Prince Albert. Maude Courtney was born in Bobcaygeon, Ontario on December 31, 1882 and came to the Prince Albert area with her family as a child.

W. J. and Maude James had four daughters: Mossie (b. 1904; died at 8 months); 'Eva' Eunice (b. 1906, married (1) Charles Musk; (2) William Bramwell McKenzie); Norma (b. 1908, married Nelson Thurson) and Murl (b. 1914, married W.B. Smith). Both Maude James and daughter Norma worked at the family studio, becoming proprietors of W.J. James & Co. following James' death in 1944. Norma James is listed in commercial directories as a photographer in the mid-1940s. W. J. James & Co. ceased operation in 1957.

William John James died on September 9, 1944 in Prince Albert. Maude James died in December 1956. Both are buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Prince Albert.

Shirley Collins, daughter of Eunice McKenzie and granddaughter of W.J. James currently (2007) resides in Saskatoon.

Penner Family, 1864-

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  • Famille
  • 1864-

Peter J. Penner was born in Chortez, Russia on November 16, 1864. He married Anna Friesen on September 24, 1889. After Anna Penner's death in 1898, Peter J. Penner married Maria Siemens on November 15, 1898. Peter J. and Maria Penner had numerous children, including George Penner, who was born on August 3, 1903 in Russia. In 1904, the Penner family immigrated to Canada and in 1905, they settled on a homestead in the Herbert, Saskatchewan district. Peter J. Penner died in Herbert in 1923; Maria Penner died in Herbert in 1958.

George Penner married Helen Toews on October 23, 1927. George and Helen Penner had six children: Norman; Velma; Hilda Jean; Melvin; Lorraine and Wesley. The Penners farmed near Herbert. They moved to Herbert in 1959 and continued farming until the early 1970's. George and Helen Penner were active members of the Mennonite Brethren Church and attended Greenfarm Church, where they participated in many activities. George Penner served as a Sunday School superintendent, deacon and church leader. He also sang in quartet and choirs and acted in drama productions.

George Penner died in Herbert on November 17, 1987. Helen Penner died in Herbert on March 14, 1991. George and Helen Penner's children currently (2013) reside in various locations across Canada.

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