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Aberdeen and Temair, Ishbel Gordon, Marchioness of, 1857-1939

  • Person
  • 1857-1939

Born March 15, 1857, Ishbel-Maria Marjoribanks was the daughter of Dudley Marjoribanks (1st Baron Tweedmouth) and Isabella Weir Hogg. After marrying John Campbell Hamilton Gordon in November 1877, she became known as Lady Aberdeen. During his appointment as Governor General of Canada, she was an active public figure and proceeded to establish the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) in January 1897 and become one of the organizers of the National Council of Women in Canada. She was also the first president of the International Council of Women and encouraged the creation of the May Court Club. In addition to hosting many social events at Rideau Hall, Lady Aberdeen frequently joined him on his travels across the country and popularized many winter sports in Canada. After returning to Britain and her husband becoming Lord Lieutenant of Ireland again, she continued to be active in social causes with a focus on health care, including participating in organizations such as the Women’s National Health Association of Ireland, the Housing and Town Planning Association of Ireland, and Women’s Liberal Federation.

Lady Aberdeen died on April 18, 1939 in Rubislaw, Aberdeen, Scotland.

Aberdeen and Temair, John Campbell Gordon, Marquis of, 1847-1934

  • Person
  • 1847-1934

John Campbell Hamilton-Gordon (Lord Aberdeen) was born August 3, 1847 in Edinburgh. He studied at University of St. Andrews and University College, Oxford (from which he received a Bachelor of Arts). Upon the death of his eldest brother George in January 1870, he was made the 7th Earl of Aberdeen and subsequently entered the British House of Lords. From 1881 to 1885, he served as Lord High Commissioner to the Church of Scotland and then he was named Viceroy (Lord Lieutenant) of Ireland from February to July 1886. He then proceeded to become an alderman in Middlesex County Council (1889), establish an orchard in the northern Okanagan Valley of British Columbia in 1891, and then British Prime Minister Gladstone appointed him Governor General of Canada beginning September 1893 which continued until November 1898. During his time as Governor General, Lord and Lady Aberdeen travelled extensively through Canada and attempted to meet with as many people as possible regardless of their social or economic status, including many First Nations people and this resulted in him made an honorary chief of both the Six Nations and Blackfoot people. Lord and Lady Aberdeen returned to Britain in 1898 where he completed his second term as Lord Lieutenant of Ireland from December 1905 to February 1915. He was made 1st Marquess of Aberdeen and Temair on January 4, 1916.

In November 1877, Lord Aberdeen married Ishbel-Maria Marjoribanks, who during their time in Canada would establish the Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) and become one of the organizers of the National Council of Women in Canada.

Lord Aberdeen died on March 7, 1934.

Aberdeen (Sask.), 1907-1988

  • Local Government
  • 1907-1988

Aberdeen was organized as a Saskatchewan village on March 13, 1907. Aberdeen was subsequently proclaimed a town on November 1, 1988.

Aberdeen (Sask.), 1988-

  • Local Government
  • 1988-

Aberdeen was proclaimed a Saskatchewan town on November 1, 1988. Aberdeen was previously organized as a village on March 13, 1907.

Abernethy (Sask.)

  • Local Government
  • 1904-

Abernethy was organized as a village on July 26, 1904.

Abouguendia, Z. M. (Zoheir M.)

  • Person

Zoheir Mohammed Abouguendia was born in Egypt, and immigrated to Canada in 1971 where he settled in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. He was awarded a PhD in 1992 from the University of Saskatchewan for his thesis entitled "Impacts of salinity on germination, growth, oxalate and inorganic ion relations of Kochia scoparia." The thesis is an expression of the results of his study of Kochia scoparia [an annual herb] with regards to its potential to be high yielding crop that could be grown in saline soils. He has worked as an ecologist, was involved in the formation of Grasslands National Park, and participated in environmental studies of Lake Athabasca, uranium mine sites and oil drilling sites.

In 2001 Abougendia was one of the winners of the Distinguished Agrologist Award given by the Saskatchewan Institute of Agrologists.

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