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Adams, Hugh David, 1889-1992

  • PA 432
  • Person
  • 1889-1992

Hugh David Adams was born on March 4, 1889 in Beckenham, Kent, England to Charles and Emily Frances (Laurie) Adams. Educated in England, Adams left school at the age of fourteen and worked as an apprentice, clerk and farmer.

In 1911, Adams emigrated to Canada and settled in the Chaplin, Saskatchewan district. In 1914, he returned to England to enlist for service in the First World War but was declined for health reasons. On May 11, 1916 Adams enlisted in the Canadian Forces, City of Regina 195th Battalion. He travelled overseas with the 195th Battalion to France and served as a stretcher bearer. In 1918 Adams was transferred to the Army Orchestra in Brussels, Belgium after Armistice. He was demobilized on August 27, 1919 in Quebec.

After the War, Adams resumed farming in the Chaplin district. He later worked in Shamrock, Saskatchewan as a postmaster, village secretary-treasurer and implement agent. He also provided first aid services to the community. In November, 1945 Adams moved to Roberts Creek, British Columbia. He moved to Victoria, British Columbia in 1971 and resided there until his death on January 13, 1992.

Adams' interests included music, drawing, photography, gardening and letter writing.

Adams married Eva Mary Peck in 1919. After Eva Adams' death in 1969, Adams married Violet Goodfellow. Adams did not have any children.

Bewcyk, George, 1903-1978

  • Person
  • 1903-1978

George Bewcyk was born in the village of Dawidiwtsi in Western Ukraine on April 18, 1903. Raised on a small farm, Bewcyk was educated in Ukraine until the age of sixteen when he was drafted into the Russian army. After serving about one year, he deserted and managed to stow away on a ship that ultimately landed in Cuba. Upon being confronted by authorities, his fluency in German, led them to believe he was a German national employed on the ship and allowed him to find work in Cuba, making mortar at a brick construction site. After he made a few errors in the language that he believed were about to expose his background, Bewcyk fled the situation and purchased passage on a ship destined for Mexico. Bewcyk briefly worked in Mexico, but soon purchased a ticket that was bound for New York and then to Montreal. Upon his arrival in Montreal, he joined Ukrainian immigrants heading west to homestead, but he quickly took a job with CN Rail at Taradale, Ontario, becoming a section foremen. Bewcyk later came to Saskatchewan where he met Nellie Wosminity, and the pair married in 1931. The Bewcyks moved back to Taradale, where George worked for two more years for the CNR before moving to Playmore, Saskatchewan where they purchased the Playmore Store from Peter Zavislak. George and Nellie ran their store for thirty-nine (39) years, as well as the local post office for twenty (25) years. In 1972, they closed the store and moved to Rhein, Saskatchewan.

George Bewcyk passed away on January 1, 1978.