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Fallis, Rev. George O., d. 1952

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  • -1952

George O. Fallis was born in Sarnia, Ontario. He came to British Columbia in 1907 and completed his divinity training at Columbian College in New Westminster. His early ministry experience was in places such as Rainy River, Ontario, Penticton (until 1913) and Kamloops, British Columbia, and in Saskatchewan. During World War One, Fallis served as a chaplin with the Second Canadian Mounted Rifles and senior chaplin for the Fifth Division. On June 23, 1919, in recognition of his services in France and England he was invested with the Commander of the Order of the British Empire [C.B.E. (Military Division)] at Buckingham Palace. In World War Two, he served again as a chaplain and achieved the honorary rank of lieutenant-colonel. He wrote about his personal experiences in the work "A Padre's Pilgrimage," which includes his June 1904 journey from Rainy River to Grand Coulee, Saskatchewan (where he served for two years, before his son Rev. J.G. Fallis took over) and also his subsequent experiences around Craven, Cupar, and Earl Grey. In addition, Fallis describes the time he spent in Revelstoke and Kamloops during the Great Depression and in 1923 when he was founder of the Canadian Memorial Church in Vancouver. In 1939 he received an honorary degree of Doctor of Divinity from Union Theological College in Vancouver.

Fallis died in Vancouver on February 15, 1952 at the age of 67.

Neilson, Marion, 1883-1971

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  • 1883-1971

Marion Neilson was born in Proton Township, Grey County, Ontario in 1883. She completed teacher training in Ontario and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Toronto. In the early 1900's, Neilson was a teacher in several rural Saskatchewan schools, including Midhurst School District No. 1530, near Fort Pelly. In 1913, Neilson moved to Raymond, Alberta and taught for one year before moving to Lethbridge. In July 1913 she married John Stanley Wray, a doctor. Neilson resided in Toronto during World War I while her husband served with the Canadian Forces. She returned to Lethbridge in 1919 and resided there until her death on April 3, 1971.

Marion and John Wray had three children: Margaret, Phyllis and Robert.

Bell, Brett, 1968-

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  • 1968-

Brett Bell was born in Regina, Saskatchewan on March 15, 1968 to Vern and Carol Bell. He attended Athabasca School and Sheldon Williams Collegiate and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of Regina in 1990. His introduction to creation began in 1984, when, at the age of 16, Bell co-wrote, directed and edited a Cable Regina production entitled “Asphalt Safari”. The video was the regional winner and national runner-up in the 1985 Canadian Cable Television Award for Excellence in Youth Programming. While attending university, Bell produced, directed and edited several projects. Two of these films won awards: “Mama” (1987), Runner-up, Best Student Film, 1987 Saskatchewan Film and Video Showcase, and “Games of Chance” (1990), Best Student Film, 1990 Saskatchewan Film and Video Showcase.

After graduating from university, Bell pursued a career in film and video production. He has produced, directed and written numerous films including “Fred” (1992), “Strike Me Silly” (1995), “Blueberry” (2001), and “Hometown” (2003). These films have been broadcast nationally and screened at dozens of film festivals. In 2000, Bell established Bellimage, a production company providing creative services for the film and television industry. The company has since expanded to include cinematography, editing, and sound composition and design. In 2004 Bell worked as a director trainee under acclaimed international filmmaker Terry Gilliam.

Bell has been a sessional instructor at the University of Regina with the Department of Media Production and Studies (formerly the Department of Film and Video) since 1995.

Bell has sat on numerous juries pertaining to film and video, including the Saskatchewan Arts Board Media Arts Jury (1992, 2001, 2003); the National Student Film and Video Festival, Regina (1993, 1998, 2003, 2004); the Yorkton Short Film and Video Festival (2004) and the Student Employment Experience Program, SaskCulture (2007). He has served on various boards and committees since 1991: Chair, Saskatchewan Film and Video Showcase (1991); Board of Directors, Saskatchewan Filmpool (1995-1996); Chair, Cultural Advisory Committee, SaskCulture (2003-2006); Advisory Member, Regina Arts Commission (2004-present); Vice-President, Saskatchewan Filmpool (2004-2006); and Advisory Member, SaskTel's Max Local on Demand Independent Programming Committee (2006-present).

Bell is the recipient of numerous grants and awards, including the Alice Guy Blache Award for Celebration of Film 2004 (“Hometown”); Best Drama, 2003 Sea to Sky Festival (“Blueberry”) and 2nd Place, 1997 John Candy Film Festival (“Strike Me Silly”).

Bell currently (2007) resides in Regina, where he continues to work as a filmmaker and as a sessional instructor at the University of Regina.

Bell and his partner, Hildy Bowen, have five children; Kai Langen; Chesney Langen Bell; Benjamin Bowen Bell; Madeline Bowen Diaz and Alejandra Bowen Diaz.

Liboiron, Adrien, 1885-1947

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  • 1885-1947

Adrien Liboiron was born on September 9, 1885 to Joseph and Emma (nee Hamelin) Liboiron of St. Polycarpe, Soulange, Quebec. Educated by the Clercs St.-Viateur, he came to the Notre Dame d'Auvergne (Ponteix) area of what is now Saskatchewan with his parents and family to homestead in 1909. Prior to this time, Adrien Liboiron had taught in schools for the deaf in Rigaud and Terrebonne, Quebec.

Liboiron homesteaded on the south half of 27-9-12 W 3rd, was the first teacher in the Ponteix area. In 1910 he worked as a Dominion Lands agent for the Swift Current district. In 1913 he opened offices in Ponteix where he offered services as a notary public, road inspector, collection agent and insurance agent. He built many homes and businesses in Ponteix and also operated a men's clothing store.

Liboiron also served as councilor and mayor of Ponteix, and as parish trustee. Following the death of his friend, Abbé Albert Royer, he took over as editor of “L'Hirondelle” a column in the Patriote de l'Ouest.

Adrien Liboiron married Marie-Louise Mercier in 1912. They had two children, Joseph (1913-1916) and another child who died with its mother in the Spanish Flu of 1919. Adrien Liboiron married Marguerite Mercier on May 3, 1920 and they had seven children: David (died in infancy), Francois, Thérèse, Jeanne, Marie, Claire and Jean.

Adrien Liboiron died on September 17, 1947 and is buried in Ponteix.

Coderre, Lionel Philias, 1915-1995

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  • 1915-1995

Lionel Philias Coderre was born in Coderre, Saskatchewan on April 15, 1915 to Eudore and Claudia (Charbonneau) Coderre. He was educated in Coderre and attended College Mathieu in Gravelbourg. Coderre was employed as a nurse at the Provincial Hospital in Weyburn from 1937 to 1939, when he joined the armed services (South Saskatchewan Regiment). After being honourably discharged in 1945, Coderre returned to Coderre, where he owned and operated the local power plant and hardware store.

Coderre's involvement in provincial politics began in 1951, when he became president of the Gravelbourg Liberal Association. He was elected to the Saskatchewan Legislature in 1956 and served as a Liberal member for the Gravelbourg constituency until 1971. Coderre served in the Ross Thatcher Government as Minister of Labour (1964-1970); Minister of Co-operation and Co-operative Development (1964-1970) and Minister of Public Works (1970-1971). Coderre retired from political life following the Liberal defeat in the 1971 provincial election.

Coderre died in Regina on August 3, 1995.

Coderre married Pauline Graf in 1946. They had three children: Claudia, Richard and Barbara.

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