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Local Government

Abbey (Sask.), 1913-

  • Local Government
  • 1913-

Abbey was organized as a Saskatchewan village on September 2, 1913.

Aberdeen (Sask.), 1907-1988

  • Local Government
  • 1907-1988

Aberdeen was organized as a Saskatchewan village on March 13, 1907. Aberdeen was subsequently proclaimed a town on November 1, 1988.

Aberdeen (Sask.), 1988-

  • Local Government
  • 1988-

Aberdeen was proclaimed a Saskatchewan town on November 1, 1988. Aberdeen was previously organized as a village on March 13, 1907.

Abernethy (Sask.)

  • Local Government
  • 1904-

Abernethy was organized as a village on July 26, 1904.

Allan Rural Telephone Company, 1908-1976

  • LGA 08
  • Local Government
  • 1908-1976

In December 1908, a meeting took place to organize a rural telephone company in Allan, SK and a provisional board of directors was chosen. It was decided that committees would canvass the rural areas near Allan to secure subscriptions to this service. On January 9, 1909, the first meeting of the provisional board of directors took place, with J.A. Beaver as president, Fred B. Williams as secretary-treasurer. The first stockholder's meeting took place on June 19, 1909, when W.F. Vawter was formally elected president and Fred B. Williams elected secretary-treasurer. Directors elected for each circuit and the town were W.E. Redick, M. Loran, R.E. Beaver, W.F. Vawter, N. Lang, F.B. Doan, Stanley Bowser and N.F. Allan.

Regulated by the Saskatchewan Government Telephones Department, the company proceeded to construct telephone lines in the area serving the town and surrounding district. The board of directors decided on rates, telephone extension applications, contracts and salaries.

In 1954, the Allan Rural Telephone Co. and the Allan East Rural Telephone Co. (incorp. 1920) were amalgamated as the Allan East Rural Telephone Co. During 1957, the Elstow Rural Telephone Co. (incorp. 1910) held joint meetings with the Allan East Rural Telephone Co. and on January 25, 1958, these two companies were amalgamated. At this same meeting, it was decided that the name be changed to the Allan Rural Telephone Co.

In 1976, SaskTel offered to absorb this company and it was unanimously accepted by all subscribers at a general meeting on December 14, 1976.

Allan (Sask.), 1910-1965

  • Local Government
  • 1910-1965

Allan was organized as a Saskatchewan village on June 9, 1910. Allan was subsequently proclaimed a town on December 1, 1965.

Allan (Sask.), 1965-

  • Local Government
  • 1965-

Allan was proclaimed as a Saskatchewan town on December 1, 1965. Allan was previously organized as a village on June 9, 1910.

Assiniboia (Sask.), 1913-

  • LGA 36
  • Local Government
  • 1913-

The Town of Assiniboia is an urban municipality in Saskatchewan and was incorporated on October 1, 1913. In 1912, the site where the town now stands was appointed as a Canadian Pacific Railway divisional site and lots were sold immediately. In 1913, a school was built, and within one year, Assiniboia had a rural telephone company, daily mail service and a hospital. Assiniboia is located on the Canadian Pacific Railway Weyburn-Lethbridge line, 105 kilometres south of Moose Jaw in the Lake of the Rivers Rural Municipality No.72.

The town is governed by an elected council that can hire staff to manage daily administration and maintain municipal services such as roads, utilities and recreational facilities. The responsibilities of the council include enforcing bylaws; waste collection/landfill; fire protection; maintaining public utilities, roads and streets; issuing tax assessment notices; and collecting taxes and other fees.

The town is currently (2009) administered by a mayor, six councillors, and an administrator. The current population is 2, 305 people.

Balcarres School Division No. 87, 1979-1993

  • LGA 57
  • Local Government
  • 1979-1993

The Balcarres Consolidated School District No. 87 of Saskatchewan became the Balcarres School Division No. 87 of Saskatchewan effective January 1, 1979, pursuant to the Education Act (S.S. 1978, c.17) to administrate schools in the Balcarres area. The Board of the school division was responsible for administering the public elementary and secondary schools within its borders. The eight member Board was elected through a public vote. Funding to administer and operate the schools in the Division was provided through provincial grants and locally-generated revenue. The Division was located within the Qu'Appelle Valley Superintendency No. 27.

The responsibilities of the Board were the same as those assigned to the separate and francophone school boards in the province. The Board's duties and powers included administering and managing the educational affairs of the school division; exercising general supervision and control over the schools in the division; approving administrative procedures pertaining to the internal organization, management and supervision of the schools; providing and maintaining school accommodation, equipment and facilities; and appointing and employing qualified teachers, principals and other necessary staff.

In the fall of 1992, the Department of Education created the Scenic Valley School Division. Balcarres School Division No. 87 became part of Scenic Valley School Division No. 117 effective January 1, 1993.

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