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Bingham and Thom (Firm)

  • Corporate body
  • 1883?-1886

Partnership of Alexander Barton Thom and Frederick V. Bingham that had begun by May 1883 and lasted until 1886.

Regina City Studio

  • Corporate body

At one time the proprietor was J. J. Thompson and operated at 1921 South Railway Street in Regina.

S. J. Hayward (Firm)

  • Corporate body
  • 1919-1984

Incorporated in 1919 with owner Sidney Jack Hayward and headquarters on Saint-Jacques Street in Montreal, Quebec, the studio specialised in industrial and commercial photography in Montreal. The firm served as the official photographer for a number of organizations and businesses throughout the 1920s to the 1940s, for example Canadian Steamship Lines, Ross & MacDonald (Firm), H.L. [Harold L.] Fetherstonhaugh (Firm), Philip J. Turner (Firm), Darling & Pearson (Firm), A.T. [Alexander Tilloch] Galt Durnford (Firm), [Ernest Isbell] Barott & Blackader (Firm), Ernest Cormier (Firm), Steinberg's Ltd, and Canadian Vickers Ltd. After the death of Hayward, the company was sold to Norman Zuker and Joseph Karpowicz. In 1945, the firm was re-incorporated as Hayward Studios and operations were re-located to Dorchester Street. In 1954, the company came to be under the sole ownership of Norman Zucker. The studio ceased operations in 1984.

Searl & Co. (firm)

  • Corporate body
  • 1883-1885

Founded in Winnipeg in June 1883 by George W. Searl.

William Notman & Son

  • Corporate body
  • 1882-1935

In 1882, William Notman’s son William McFarlane, became a junior partner in his father’s photography studio, resulting in a name change to William Notman and Son. The elder Notman remained an active photographer with the studio until his death on November 25 1891, whereupon his sons William McFarlane and Charles Frederick continued the firm. William McFarlane Notman became senior photographer/manager of the studio from 1891 up to his own death in 1913 and Charles Frederick Notman took responsibility for the enterprise until 1935 when he retired and sold the business to Associated Screen News.

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