Abitibi River (Ont.)



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Abitibi River (Ont.)

BT Ontario

Abitibi River (Ont.)

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Abitibi River (Ont.)

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Abitibi River (Ont.)

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John Pritchard "taken by the ice" on the Abitibi, 1814

  • R-D346-D (9)
  • Item
  • ca. 1948

Item is a reproduction of George Franklin Arbuckle's painting "John Pritchard taken by the ice on the Abitibi, 1814." Item is an artist's interpretation of the story of how in 1814 John Pritchard and four others attempted to warn Red River colony Governor Miles Macdonell of impeding efforts of the North West Company to ruin the colony and take the Governor prisoner. Image illustrates that part of their journey where the Abitibi River had iced up forcing them to set-up camp on the shores of the river and make toboggans and snowshoes to continue. Image shows in the foreground a man working the edge of a toboggan that has been turned on its side (bottom facing viewer) with a second man overlooking the work, while in the background is a tepee, an overturned canoe, and persons carrying fallen trees and working at a campfire.

Arbuckle, George Franklin, 1909-2001