Aberdeen Lake (N.W.T.)



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Aberdeen Lake (N.W.T.)

Aberdeen Lake (N.W.T.)

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Aberdeen Lake (N.W.T.)

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Aberdeen Lake (N.W.T.)

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[Animals, Plants, and Views of the Northwest Territories]

58-212-01 to 58-212-03, 58-212-05, 58-212-25 to 58-212-61, 58-212-63 to 58-212-80: Barren ground caribou crossing river near Beverly Lake, Northwest Territories (now Nunavut).

58-212-04, 58-212-07 to 58-212-14: Muskox herd along shores of Thelon River, Nunavut/Northwest Territories.

58-212-06: Group of caribou near Beverly Lake, Northwest Territories (now Nunavut).

58-212-15: A. L. Wilk, Canadian Wildlife Service Biologist pointing out low forms of arctic plant life.

58-212-16: View from island in Great Slave Lake near Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

58-212-17: Aerial view of caribou and muskoxen, Thelon River, Nunavut/Northwest Territories.

58-212-18: Aerial view of migrating caribou near Beverly Lake, Northwest Territories (now Nunavut).

58-212-19: Aerial view of Thelon River showing sparse coniferous growth along the river's edge.

58-212-20: Aerial view of sparse stunted tree growth in parts of the Northwest Territories.

58-212-21: Lichens and other small arctic plants found in the Northwest Territories.

58-212-22: Bear berry plants, Northwest Territories.

58-212-23: Lake trout caught in Dubawnt River, Nunavut/Northwest Territories.

58-212-24: Calf caribou remains killed by wolf, Thelon River, Nunavut/Northwest Territories.

58-212-62, 58-212-68: E. Kuyt, Ecologist examining drowned caribou calf north of Aberdeen Lake, Northwest Territories.

58-212-81: Barren ground wolf track, taken along Thelon River, Nunavut/Northwest Territories.

58-212-83: Split caribou long bones where Inuit had a feast in an area north of Aberdeen Lake, Northwest Territories.

58-212-84: Old caribou antlers showing how they have been eaten for their mineral content by other caribou around Thelon River, Northwest Territories.

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