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Images from scrapbook compiled by students and teacher of Roe School for Saskatchewan's Golden Jubilee

(1): Head and shoulders portrait of Gordon Collinson, teacher at Roe School in 1955.

(2): Students of Roe School standing in front of the school, 1955. Includes Leon Eckert, Victor Phillips, Gary Nieminen, Marie Anne Eckert, Doris Blodgett, Carl Hubert, Louis Andreas, and Rita Hopfauf.

(3): Exterior view of Roe School, 1913.

(4): Students of Roe School standing in front of the doorway of the school. 1913.

(5): Four boys seated in a wagon. Caption: Home time for the P. Peterson family. 19--.

(6): Two people seated in a cart harnassed to a horse in front of the home of B. Nicholas, which was the boarding place for the teacher of Roe School. 19--.

(7): Roe School students walking in the field meet parade in Abbey, Saskatchewan. 1930.

(8): Group of 10 male high school students of Roe School. 1938. Includes Edgar Scarffe, George Phillips, Jim Sillerud, Tom Andreas, John Andreas, Clifford Phillips, Douglas Orton, Gordon Collinson, Lennox Main and Wilfred Hughes.

(9): Students of Roe School for the 1938-39 school year standing in front of the school.

(10): Students of Roe School with horses and buggies. Caption: Home time from Roe School. [1913 or after].

(11): Automobiles and people in front of Roe School after the big blizzard in 1927. Snow in foreground.

(12): View of float to commemorate Saskatchewan's Golden Jubilee entered by Roe School in the Abbey Sports Day in Abbey on June 18, 1955.

(13): Teachers at Leggott School standing in front of a building. Teachers were Mrs. W. Crampton, Mrs. J. Lee, Mrs. J. Collinson and Mrs. B. Linder. 1916 or after.

(14): Students of Leggott School standing in front of the school. 1916 or after.

(15): Group of men, women, children and dogs at a gathering after church at P.H. Peterson's. 19--.

(16): Group of men, women, and children at a church gathering at Roe School. 1927.

(17): Unidentified man on horseback with two men standing next to a chuckwagon with a grub box on the back end. Tent on the right. 19--.

(18): Exterior view of old log house of John Minor. Horse and wagon in foreground. ca. 1909.

(19): Group of unidentified men, women and children eating lunch at a Sports Day in Abbey, Saskatchewan. 1920s.

(20): William Heard on an oxen herding two oxen in front of him. 19--.

(21): Dick Stedwell on horseback. 19--.

(22): Unidentified men seated in the first Buick automobile owned by John Minor. 19--.

(23): Cattle and men in an enclosure with men standing possibly on hay bales in the background. Part of the Hillsborough Association. Part of the PFRA project in 1955.

(24): Exterior view of the home of C.L. Main, located in the Abbey district. Man, vehicle, wagon and bicycle in foreground. The house was built in 1913 with lumber hauled from the Beaver Lumber Yard in Cabri.

(25): Children with horses and buggy in front of the home of N. Nieminen in 1921. The house was built in 1909 by George Hall.

(26): Two unidentified men with an airplane owned by John Minor. 19--.

(27): Unidentified men helping Roe School prepare the school's float for the Abbey Sports Day on June 18, 1955.

(28): Group photograph of male and female members of the Can-Do Club, a club for young people in the Abbey district. 1940.

(29): Unidentified men, women and children in attendance at the wedding shower for Clifford and Dorothy Phillips. ca. 1946.

(30): Men branding cattle at the dipping vat in the Great Sand Hills in the early 1920s.

(31): Mr. and Mrs. Peterson, pioneers who came to Saskatchewan from Norway.

(32): Unidentified men trying to free an automobile stuck in snow after a big blizzard in April 1928.

(33): William Heard and two unidentified men sitting in front of a tent on the land William Heard made a homestead claim on. 19--.

(34): Group of unidentified people gathered around an airplane at the dipping vat. 1921.

(35): Six daughters of C. Main standing outdoors.

(36): Members of the Harry Minor family and the John Minor family standing together outside in front of some trees. The John Minor family (on the right) included eight girls and one boy: Mary, Anne, Florence, Francis, Grace, Alice, Helen, John and Edith.

(37): Unidentified members of the Halvorson family.

(38): F. Yeast, C. Millie and J. Minor, ranchers in the Abbey, Saskatchewan district, seated in front of a log fence.

(39): Dead cattle on the Minor ranch ca. 1935. The cattle died due to lack of feed and a hard winter.

(40): Six unidentified people in front of a barn in the Abbey, Saskatchewan district built by Mr. Kirkaldie from logs that had floated down the South Saskatchewan River. [1912 or after].

(41)-(43): Members of the Minor family, including Theodore Minor and John Minor.

(44): Unidentified students of Leggott School seated at their desks in the classroom. 1916 or after.

(45): Five students of Badger Mound School, including Edna Coleman, standing in front of a brick building. 1930s.

(46): Group photograph of teacher and students of Hill School. 1932.

(47): Unidentified men, women and boy ploughing up the virgin soil on a homestead, possibly in the Abbey, Saskatchewan district. House in background.

(48): Woman feeding chickens in front of the sod house of J. Evenson.

(49): Man and five children standing in front of the sod house of William A. Fifield.

(50): Exterior view of a sod house used as a grain bin.

(51): Man and girl with horses standing in front of home of William A. Fifield Senior.

(52): Man and woman seated and standing in the doorway of the barn of William A. Fifield. The barn had a wooden ramp leading up to the second floor of the barn.

(53): Barn of J. Collinson under construction in 1918.

(54): Theresa Collinson standing with three horses in front of the sod stable of Joe Collinson. 1911.

(55): Exterior view of sod house.

(56): Unidentified woman looking out of the window of the wooden homestead shack of Ole Reno.

(57): Willie Fifield and five other people standing in front of his sod home with an automobile to the right.

(58): Exterior view of the house of John Main. It was built in 1914 and burned down in 1919.

(59): Exterior view of old ranch house of John Minor with picket fence in foreground.

(60)-(61): Exterior views of Joe and Theresa Collinson's house and barn.

(62): Joe Collinson standing in front of some trees wearing a cap and suit.

(63): Three women sitting in an automobile belonging to C. Main and N. Main.

(64): Seven unidentified men and women skating. Two of the men are holding sticks. 1920s.

(65): Unidentified man and five children with a truck. Caption: Picnic days in the 1920s to Antelope Lake sponsored by Rural Municipality of Miry Creek.

(66): Exterior view of sod stable of John Evenson.

(67)-(68): Views of Morgan's Ranch, where Hillsborough Association farmers took their cattle to summer.

(69): Three unidentified men with tractor and plough preparing the land for seed.

(70): Piece of agricultural equipment, possibly a combine, pulled by horses. Caption: The First Combine of the Prairies. Gibson Collinson.

(71): The five horse outfit of N. Main.

(72): A Case tractor parked in a field.

(73): Tractor attached to agricultural implement, possibly a threshing machine.

(74)-(75): John Evenson and an unidentified man with horses and agricultural equipment.

(76): Men in field with horses and agricultural implements. Caption: Bindering. J. Collinson.

(77): Man standing on top of crop in wagon feeding in onto conveyor into a barn. Caption: Threshing Time. J. Collinson.

(78): Group of unidentified women, men and boys holding cups. Caption: Lunch Time. Note Water Wagon. P. Peterson.

(79): Large group of sheep with barn and other buildings in background. Caption: Off to market from Mackenzie Sheep Ranch Close to Boyer Lake.

(80): Horses standing in front of a large stack of feed. Caption: The Early Stacking of Feed by Horse Power. Late Twenties. J. Minor.

(81): Two men with horses in field. Caption: Off to Market with the grain. N. Main.

(82)-(83): Men, horses and equipment used during the building of roads by Mike Goodman using fordsons, donkeys, dumpwagons, and cook car, etc.

(84): A cart loaded with feed on a ferry. Caption: the preparation of winter feed for the ranchers.

(85): P. Peterson and his son with oxen and plough. Caption: Typical Scenes on the Homestead.

(86): John Evenson burning stubble in a field. He is standing in a cart harnassed to three horses.

(87)-(89): Unidentified men and horses clearing the land of stones, using a stook loader, and heading the poorer crops.

(90): Group of women, part of a quilting bee, standing in front of a building with a quilt. Front row: Mrs. Reno, Mrs. C. Main, Mrs. W. Heard, Mrs. O. Evenson, Mrs. P. Krismer. Back row: Mrs. M. Sillerud, Mrs. C. Evjen, Mrs. N. Nieminen, Mrs. C. Scarffe and Mrs. H. Evjen.

(91): Group of unidentified men and boys standing in and around a wagon. Caption: Off on a picnic in the teens.

(92): Image of man shooting prairie chickens with a white and black dog standing by his side. 1910. Copyright by Canadian Post Card Company, Toronto, Ontario.

(93): Group of unidentified men, women and children standing in front of three automobiles during a picnic at Boyer Lake, south of Roe School. 1920s.

(94): Guy Hadley's steamer.

(95): Exterior view of the first school in Abbey, Saskatchewan. 1915 or after.

(96)-(97): Exterior views of the second public school building in Abbey, Saskatchewan. 1920 or after.

(98): View of Minor's Garage after a fire in Abbey, Saskatchewan. Livery barn owned by Carl Braaten is in the background.

(99): Exterior view of livery barn owned by Carl Braaten in Abbey, Saskatchewan.

(100): View of Main Street in Abbey, Saskatchewan looking from Cathedral Street. Group of unidentified men standing in front of New York Restaurant.

(101)-(102): A float prepared for a July 1st celebration in Abbey, Saskatchewan in 1918. The float includes a boy sitting on a bed with the Union Jack hanging above. Includes view of the parade proceeding down the street with the Abbey Garage and Machine Shop in the background.

(103): View of Abbey, Saskatchewan with line-up of horses and carts waiting for service at the grain elevators. 1916.

(104): Local dray in Abbey, Saskatchewan.

(105): Exterior view of Saskatchewan Co-operative Elevator Co. Limited Local No. 260 grain elevator in Abbey, Saskatchewan with horses and carts in foreground. 1913.